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Week 151
Christmas Special
Photos: Social club Christmas party
News: A year in headlines, a year in pictures
What you think: Jody, Mark, Ger, Kevin, Moose, Tony, Sarah

Week 150
News: Excellent Christmas Party, Liam pictured in photography project
Photos: Christmas party

Week 149
News: 12 Pubs, Jody breaks world fastest breakfast record, Christmas Special approaches
Photos: 12 Pubs weekend
That wrecks me Buzz:

Week 148
News: 3rd Floor Lotto won at 750, Waltzer Lounge party #2, The 12 pubs of Christmas approaches
Photos: Steve's Birthday

Week 147
News: The Russ Report: All Blacks Continue Domination Over Ireland
Photos: Gillo's Birthday
That wrecks me Buzz: Banking In Ireland (Amanda Farrelly)

Week 146
News: Lunchtime fire alarm: diners forced to leave tables, Crew hysterical over Kit-Kat mug competition, Christmas party announced, Everyone drawn to window to see heavy weather
Photos: In the office

Week 145
News: Nicola Leaves, Waltzer getting "Best of 2001" ready for Christmas
Photos: WaltzerLounge Halloween party

Week 144
News: Mad house party, Waltzer forgets camera, Vacancy in drinking department

Week 143
News: Waltzer's plants on telly! Company to launch action figures
Photos: Martin/McSorley's

Week 142
News: Purgatory launch Smooth, Interview with Al Currie
Photos: Al and Aaron from Purgatory Records
That wrecks me Buzz: Here comes the winter!

Week 141
Killarney Special
News: Killarney, Golf, Discussions
Photos: Killarney
That wrecks me Buzz: Moving house

Week 140
News: Gillo's house warmer, Killarney itinerary released
Photos: Gillo's house warmer

Week 139
News: Jordo to Travel around America; Separated at birth: John Keane, Robin Williams
Photos: Various nights, Johns Wedding
That wrecks me Buzz: Refusal to The Barge

Week 138
News: John Marries
Photos: US Embassy
That wrecks me Buzz: Terror in NY (Waltzer)

Week 137
News: Peter leaves; John's stag
Photos: Pete's leaving; John's stag
That wrecks me Buzz: That wrecks me Munich (Mark Jordan)

Week 136
News: Ciara leaves, Viv to return home, Pete and Shane to leave
Photos: Ciara Leaves; Slane 2001
That wrecks me Buzz: The effort to get to U2 (Waltzer)

Week 135
News: Waltzer's house party: styley out; Des disappears after e-mail violation; Waltzer does Swords
Photos: Waltzer's 24th and house cooling
That wrecks me Buzz: Coping without Kaner (Waltzer)

Week 134
Kaner Tribute
News: Kaner dies tragically in motorcycle accident, Kaner book of memories set up
Photos: Kaner in Photos
That wrecks me Buzz: Crash! (Kaner) (Repeat)

Week 133
Kaner 1979-2001

Week 132
News: Killary scuba diving weekend, House party!, Wage Slave back in the house
Photos: Killary
That wrecks me Buzz: Insurance fury (Moose)

Week 131
News: Leopardstown party review: 70%
Photos: Ger's department move, Waltzer:24, Leopardstown 2001
That wrecks me Buzz: Waltzer a year older!

Week 130
News: Leopardstown party announced, Jordo sends message from future, More sex scandals - Rob Cummins, Moose's cartoon update
Photos: Mairead's birthday
That wrecks me Buzz: Lack of creativity

Week 129
News: Mark Farber previous life as porn star, Shag all news this week
That wrecks me Buzz: Moving out of Ranelagh: Top 10 things missed

Week 128
News: Moose's animated film public showing, Monster attacks city, Kaner (almost)in bike race
That wrecks me Buzz: What's going on with the Experience?

Week 127
News: Paul and pals throw big barbeque
Photos: Marybeth leaves, Paul's barbeque
That wrecks me Buzz: Not another cop-out on the buzz

Week 126
News: Clodagh Leaves; Seperated at birth: Moose, Little Homer; Paul caught cross-dressing, NASA: "Spaceship" probably just a sandwich shop
Photos: Last Clodagh
That wrecks me Buzz: Everything cool, pictures shared

Week 125
News: O'Sheas 'beer garden' in use again, Recycling bins finally in use, Clodagh to leave
That wrecks me Buzz: Too responsible for our own good

Week 124
News: Mo throws cool barbeque, Mark and Fiona in attendance, Graham produces WicklowToday.com, NCAD exhibition
Photos: Mo's barbeque party
That wrecks me Buzz: Thinking of buying a gaff?

Week 123
News: Weetabix team pull off an excellent experience, Wireless team celebrate at Odessa and Ri-Ra, Mark and Fiona to come home,
Photos: Odessa
That wrecks me Buzz: Ten things that happened to us in Greece (Waltzer)

Week 122 Shams!
News: Where's Waltzer?, Sundresses and Shades, Are YOU in De Click?,
Photos: Waltzer's head goes missing?
That wrecks me Buzz:Nocturnal-mares (Russ)

Week 121
News: Learn all about Waltzers!, Dara builds designer shop, Ridiculously funny marketer's video comes from US offices, Shams take the experience,
That wrecks me Buzz: I've to get up at four to go the airport (Waltzer)

Week 120
News: Launching WaltzerShop, Waltzer Experience to be taken over by The Shams for a week
That wrecks me Buzz: Television (Waltzer)

Week 119
News: POD party "deadly", That spaceship is a sandwich shop, Gillo and Kaner in campaign for L'Oreal, First day down the park
Photos: POD party
That wrecks me Buzz: Behind the scenes at Waltzer.net (Waltzer)

Week 118
News: 2001 Spring Party announced, Everyone checking where they live, DangerHere boys on TV3, New Traffic Web Cam lets ex-employees re-live the trip to work,
That wrecks me Buzz: The Demon Drink (Waltzer)

Week 117
News: We'd have been in Killarney by now, Downturn in IT industry "scary", Housewarmer, Waltzer pictured on The Onion
Photos: Summer Arrives- designers in front of O'Shea's
That wrecks me Buzz: Party Fader (Waltzer)

Week 116
News: Social club scuba diving buzz, Waltzer in underage furniture sting
That wrecks me Buzz: Stressful Exercise (Clare O'Connell)

Week 115
News: KW party a roaring success, Dee leaves
Photos: Dee leaves, KW get-together
That wrecks me Buzz: Waltzer Experience particularly shite this week

Week 113
News: Viv sends pictures from Oz, Canteen changes sauce from Heinz to YR
That wrecks me Buzz: People going through their ring-tones in public (Waltzer)

Week 112
News: Killarney party postponed, New web restrictions enforced, KW one year in Clonskeagh, KW get-together arranged, 5000 for software piracy information

Week 111
News: Killarney party in limbo, Jay: 6.6 on "Hot Or Not", Russ Manning: An American Poet, New KW party in the pipeline,
Photos: Isobel and friends throw mad party
That wrecks me Buzz: Pretentious shop assistants (Waltzer)

Week 110
News: Wage Slave on sale, Girl sends embarrassing mail to entire complex
That wrecks me Buzz: These ten things! (anonymous)
Featured site: Dangehere.com

Week 109
News: Galway to take place in Killarney, Power cuts engineered to boost staff morale, Designers night out: Rajoot Tandoori, Designers forget to take tea break
Pictures: Designers night out: Rajoot Tandoori
That wrecks me Buzz: Don't wreck me bike! (Isobel de Mangeat)

Week 108
News: Al Currie's track gets commercial release, Break for the Border party
Pictures: Break for the Border party

Week 107
News: Company 'update session' in hotel, party to follow, Laura to return home
That wrecks me Buzz: Class Reunion (Jody Fitzpatrick)

Week 106
News: Waltzer stops moaning and embraces the IT house, Sarah returns to the house, Company launches second ad,
Featured Site: BrayOutCasts.com
That wrecks me Buzz: 5.30 Traffic (Annon Madman)

Week 105
News: Jay, Michael, Susan star in company ad, Al's play reviewed, Ciara carded in US bar,
Photos: Company ad
That wrecks me Buzz: Getting Old (Claire O'Connell)

Week 104
News: Waltzer Experience a year old, Dave Manzor: "I sang with Enigma", Jason Power and Ciara Flannagan considered "best looking designers", At Discussions: "Grow Up Waltzer!", House shares recover
That wrecks me Buzz: Playing Quake too much again (Waltzer)

Week 103
News: Alan Nuzum in Play, Dead Cat Bounce Launch, Clare Cummins Leaves
Photos: Clare Cummins' leaving party
That wrecks me Buzz: House Buzz (Waltzer)

Week 102
News: Waltzer returns, Everyone still in a trance
That wrecks me Buzz: Figi (Claire O'Connell)