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week 51 : 18 december 2000
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Jury's Ger Dave and Foxy Clodagh and Rachel Breffni, Paul and Alan Nessa, Tom, Cian and Ger Tony and Cathy

Christmas Party 2000: Clickable! The approach to Dury's; Ger enjoys a Coke; Dave and Caroline pretending they are in the Leaning Tower; Clodagh and Rachel make the most of a chair; Breffni, Paul and Alan have a male bonding session; Cian knuckles ger's head while Tom and Nessa look on; Tony smiles as Cathy pretends to steal a bottle of wine.

The Company Christmas Party

After a few drinks in the dreaded O'Shea's, a private Dublin Bus picked us up and took us on our way. Within twenty minutes we were at Dury's in Ballsbridge. Upon entering, we were greeted by a rapidly expanding crowd. So some small talk was indulged in as everyone tried to get the attention of one of the five bar staff.

Soon going to the bar became a futile exercise, as did actually trying to move at all. It was so packed that I let go of my pint, walked about and when I came back it was still there wedged between two editors.

Just when it was getting to breaking point, a bell sounded and doors were opened to reveal a huge function room complete with tables laid for dinner. After some mix-up and some frantic searching for the KW crews, I ended up sitting with some IT House designers, Aisling, Helga, Moose, Jay, Isobel, Ciara, Sue and Tony. That was a good table for the banter, between putting butter and lighters into crackers to pretending to read jokes from them and actually telling a controversial joke instead. The one about women being like tiles featured a lot, with Moose making a complete mess of it.

Kaner on the bus Helga, Dee and Ciara Helga, Dee and Ciara Jay Dave, Noel, Joe and some other poor auld divil who's name I forget... Dave and Kieran Conor and Mike

Christmas Party 2000: Clickable! Ian heading in on the bus; Helga, Dee and Ciara enjoying the crack; Jay being his usual charming self; Dave, Noel, Joe and friends; Kieran pulls faces while Orla and Dave look on; Conor and Mike make the most of the free drink.

After an unspectacular meal, I found some KW crew who had sorted out two long tables- one was mainly writer related while the other was mainly design related. Not before a false start due to a thankfully short speech by Greg the boss, I found myself sitting on a luxurious red leather sofa surrounded by some of the finest of the KW girls. Wine was taken from the dinner tables and made a great alternative to going to the ridiculously overcrowded and understaffed bar. So I engaged in a conversation of comparing "W" logos, which came to an anti-climax with my failed attempt to persuade Rachel and Nicola to get Waltzer tattoos on their shoulder.

Not wanting the night to pass without talking to all the people I wanted to see, I was on my feet. With camera in hand I stole my way into conversations with all sorts of people. I got a few good snaps and some interesting conversation. Of course there were a few refusals from top level management, but generally speaking I think everyone was fairly happy to be photographed at this prestigious occasion.

The general mood of the party was very good. I think everyone was on a nice buzz. Nobody fell asleep or became unconscious, which probably has more to do with the lack of bar staff than the will to drink. I think many people felt that the party didn't go on long enough and that they hadn't time to get around all the people they wanted to. Another complaint was obviously the excessive wait to be served at the bar. And of course the food wasn't exactly exceptional. Otherwise, everyone was in good "spirits" and getting into the Christmas buzz.

Kevin and Kieran Nessa, Tom and Cian Tony, Kevin and Nessa Amanda and Glen Ciara and Clodagh Ciara and Clodagh Foxy, Andy and Emer

Christmas Party 2000: Clickable! Kevin and Kieran in friendly form; more antics from Tom's crew; Tony, Kevin and Nessa in an unlikely shot; Amanda and Glen in festive mood; Ciara and Clodagh; Foxy, Andy and Emer.

So when it all came to its conclusion and we bailed out into the street, there were still more antics ahead. First a guy starts on me and Gillo, asking us for a fag when he had his own. I said it was surprising that you'll ask us for a fag when you have your own, and God love him for his lack of diplomacy, he resorted to abusive language, turning his defence to an offence. We got bored of his conversation style and made our excuses. (I saw this guy in the canteen the next day!)

Then I spotted two of the design girls looking worried as three lads tried chatting them up with their slurred words and octopus hands. So what could I do only step in and sort them out? That's right, I protected them from the tyranny of lager louts! What a laugh that was.

One poor designer from IT was carried away in an ambulance after collapsing in the street from the weight of drink in him. He turned out to be ok, and came to work the next day.

Next "morning" back in the office, Mary Kate looked very fragile, some blokes were still wearing the same clothes, and everyone showed up between 11 and 2 with awful heads on them.

Well no surprises overall except for a cheeky appearance by Seamus. A good night was had by almost all. Not great, not bad, but genuinely good.

So what's next for KW? On Friday 22nd we'll be having a few to see us off for Christmas. And for the Company as a whole? Galway 2001! Will you still be here?

Aisling, Ciara and Dee Waltzer Ciara and Helga

Christmas Party 2000: Clickable! Aisling, Ciara and Dee; The elusive Waltzer; Ciara and Helga's shoe. Don't ask me!

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