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Waltzer's drunken state brought to you by Red Bull and Vodka. Week#6 | February 2000 edition

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[top tune]
Artful Dodger:
(The Crowd say Bo Selecta)

Rapid Tunes
-Oh the Simpsons are on. Rapid tunes!

Phil (on email not getting to the server):
"This email's been getting the bouncies off ********** all day"

Sorry, I have to censor the company name.


[latest photographs]
The Blackrock Crew kick it up at the Christmas party. Sweet.

TOP: Martin, Viv, Mark, Russ, JohnO, Dermot(dancing), Cathy, Ger(laughing at Dermot), Aoife, Sarah(pointing at camera).
BOTTOM: 1: Gill, Sally. 2: Martin, Phil, Mark, John, Viv. 3: Siobhan, Glen, Gill, Sheherazade. 4: Siobhan, Sally, Sarah, Sheherazade, Waltzer.
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[Waltzer Party Package]
Let DJ Waltzer solve your party problems.
Package includes:
•Invitations designed and printed
•DJ Waltzer spins the choons
•Lights and P.A. included

Prices from 250

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On weekdays, you will receive your quote within 3 hours.
Meath and Dublin Areas only.

[that wrecks me buzz]
I have just been to a chat room, vip.ie, and I have to say they are addictive. They are so addictive that they wreck me buzz!
So you're chatting to three people at once about three different things. Then one leaves without telling anyone, or you start to like someone, and they turn out to be a gobshite. Or someone has no-one to talk to and you feel sorry for them, and they give you shit. Here is an excerpt from a conversation I had today:
Lone Gunman: Alright folks
(No-one talks to him)
Lone Gunman: Sure is quiet here.
Waltzer: Lone Gunman- Sorry no-one's talking to you! Who is ya?
Lone Gunman: Waltzer- Lone Gunman
Waltzer: LG- No shit?
Lone Gunman: Waltzer- yes, shit

So I left it there. No respect. The thing is you actually enjoy the buzz of chatting! I can't explain it. If I was hanging out around Temple Bar and some young one came over and told me that I could chat to 6 people I don't know about anything I want, without anyone seeing me, but it's a fiver an hour and you have to type what you want to say, I'd say "Seeya Rafter, right!" Why do people enjoy these at all? What kind of person even uses them. Certainly not busy people. Perhaps people who haven't any real friends. I know what you are thinkng... What was Mr. Cool, the Waltzer himself doing in such a venue? Well to tell you the truth folks, I was researching the price of drink in Dublin and I thought I'd go to a chat room and ask the punters what they thought. Well one guy said it was too dear everywhere, and this girl called Grace said "Hello, Waltzer", and I was hooked. Turned out she was Scottish, and she was coming to Dublin soon for a holiday. So I chatted for a minute and she suddenly dissapeared! I don't know! Was it something I said, Grace? Ha ha!
So I think these yokes are dangerous. Serious. What do YOU think? I would like to hear your opinion. Vote now in the panel on the left. Don't send me mail on the subject. I don't care that much.
Well I don't know why, but I am looking forward to checking it out again. Now that wrecks me buzz!

Sorry about the delay in updating, kids!
Alright. Recognize this:
Gillian has left the house, and I will miss her loads, cos no offence to the other princesses (Who I wouldn't like to embarrass by naming), but Gillian in my opinion was the most attractive girl in the house, and It's always a shame to see talent like that leak into England. Well I have to say, fair play to Gill for keeping it real and moving with her boyfriend when he got a job in England, but one could argue that why should the woman follow the guy and all this shite? But fuck it, Gill. Go with what you think is right. And always remember that we will welcome you back with open arms and more should you want to come home.
-This Week
I had quite a interesting week. Tuesday I went out with one of me favorite girls, Etain, who has more than a pretty name, but a pretty face and a personality that you would love. Big up to ya Etain. I loves you still! Wednesday, I went out with one of me girls, Caroline, who wants to break into the modeling industry. Now if I had me way, she would be on every magazine cover from here to Nobber. But that shit ain't the story. Instead I have to take pictures of her and promote her in the commercial world. (The pics will be posted on this site when they are ready, in the meantime, there should be one of her up next week or the week after). Anyway I also met her friend Carrie who is a model, and she was one of the nicest girls I have met this year. Big shout out to yiz, girls. Keep it real!. Yiz are gonna make me a lot of money! Thursday I had a Company session. Planet Hollywood. Good food, shite drink, ok buzz, left early. Who cares? Friday Gillian and Aoife's leaving party in the LIFE bar. Sad to see them go. Best of luck girls! A good night, everyone was in top form. I have pictures! See them next week...
Big shout out to Ger: keeps me going with the encouragement to keep this site going.
Shout to Paul Little: Persuading me to get serious about DJing.
Shout out to Sheherazade: Finding a cool site for this week's featured site!
Shouts to Viv for always letting me crash at his gaff.
Shout out to Alan Currie for keeping his music out of the public domain until it's released.
Big shouts to Phil for pure enthusiasm. Cool, brother.
Yowage shouts to the Navan posse for being in Navan, for the sneer.
Big up to Mary Kate for being interested and listening.
Savage greetings to Siobhan for taking shite from me. You deserve better, baby.
Big tanx to Me Dad for getting me a stylie desk and chair!
Serious respect to the month of April: Tax band lifted, Company trip to Galway, Company share scheme finished and cash in, other developments on the horizons...
Big shout to YOU for checking out my site every week! You will be rewarded.
Even bigger shout to the crew that are still reading. I must have some fans!

[featured site]

Cool Road Sightings
With Ali-W!*
Booyakasha: The USA is full with signs of what is going on, but there is so many signs that they sometimes runs out of words and have to use words that we in the civilized world might find amusing. So I is on the ICQ with none other than me main man, Owner, and we is bangin' on about his website which contains samples of these USA signs. So, PoC, why did you put this site together?
-Hello, Ali'. Well it all started when I was about twelve and I was playing with my sister and we—
-You was playing with your sister? Alright, that's cool, but at the moment we is just rappin' about this site, man. I will get the sister story from later, know what I is saying? Keep it real for now, innit.
-Err... So I decided I would create a site where people could see photos of funny signs around America.
-But why does Americans make stupid signs? Is it because they have no intelligence.
-Americans are just as intelligent as you Europeans. The signs are often just co-incidence.
-Is you telling me that a sign will say "Jayzuz Bulletts" by coincidence?
-Well I am not familiar with that expression, but some expressions on these signs are very funny.
-PoC, I am not convinced that this site is worth leaving the Waltzer Experience for, innit. How can you sell it to me?
-Just go, check it out, you will enjoy it. Some pics may be offensive, but the majority are funny and friendly.
-Aye, for real. So check it out: Cool Road Sightings.PoC, Thank you for keeping it real, and showing us that the USA is full of dodgy signs, and we is to be careful not to pay attention to them if we is to get ahead. Big up. Respect.
-Thank you.

*Conversation may not have happened.