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[top tune]
DJ Visage:
Time To Say Goodbye

-She'll be like a bryar when she finds out.

"If I can puke further than you, it's because I drink Bulmers."


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I got 2 Doras Sham: ROCKS!

[latest photographs]
One of my girls, Caroline, modeling in Dublin south central. Sweet.


1. Nassau Street. 2. St. Stephen's Green S/C. 3. St. Stephen's Green

[that wrecks me buzz]


What is it about shaving? The only time I actually enjoy shaving is when I am testing a new razor. Normally I just can't bring myself to do it unless it's getting really bad. Shaving is time consuming, painful and usually results in annooying cuts and blemishes. All for what? To have an apparently hair free face! (Which isn't even natural, but that's a different debate).
Now I know it looks better and feels better, but is it really worth it? Ok, I know if I met a young one who hadn't shaved her legs, I wouldn't be long telling het to do the dishes on her way out, but what odds if a man doesn't shave?

  1. Bouncers look at you longer
  2. Some girls are turned off
  3. You could get pased over for jobs/promotions
  4. People think you are scruffy

What got me thinking about this was an event this evening on the bus. There was this middle aged, plump balding guy, and it was obvious from his bomber jacket that he was some sort of labourer. But he was clean shaven with no face decorations such as side burns, shmig or tash. I thought his clean shaven face was a sign of humble dignity. Here is a man who doesn't have much to show for his life, but he has respect for himself and shaves every day. I would imagine he has a loving family out in the suburbs, and is well respected by his co-workers and friends in the pub. Now maybe I am jumping to too many conclusions based on the little I know of this chap, but the point is that he had an air of dignity about him that I dind't have.

So from now on, I am going to shave daily to:

  1. Retain some dignity
  2. Keep one of my four new year resolutions
  3. Look good for the girlies
  4. Keep me mam happy
  5. Keep me looking young

For all these advantages, you'd think shaving would be well worth it, but with all those annoying disadvantages, it wrecks me buzz.


-Caroline! How could you be well?

I took last Friday off work to take these photographs in town. The model is a friend of mine, Caroline, who would like to get into modelling professionaly, so I am doing her portfolio. So if you need a model for your magazine, website, party, music video or whatever, I would highly reccommend her. She is full of life and is a pleasure to work with. All enquiries to waltzer@excite.com!
The shots were taken for a portfolio which will be complete once I have taken the interior (studio) half of the project. This should be done within two weeks and you will be able to see those shots up here too. Please note that these pictures, like all the images used on the Waltzer Experience are ©2000, Alan Wall. If you want to use an image, just ask!

-New mix tape!

I have decided to record another mix tape. For those of you who don't know that I ever did one before, I have recorded seven tapes of my bedroom mixing. This one will be the 8th. It will be called "Waltzer 8: Farewell to Trance" in honour of my leaving Trance music and my new interest in House and Big Beat. The tunes will be in the order of: Side 1: Trance to happy house. Side 2: Hard house to Big Beat. Should be some new stuff you havent heard, and some old gems that never go wrong! It will be the perfect summer tape to pump out of your car as you cruise about with your shades on. Or alternatively, listen to it on your walkman and run down Grafton Street for the buzz.
The tape will be sold excusively at Waltzer Experience outlets (me at my desk, me in the pub, me in the crib), and will retail at the smooth sum of a fiver. Each tape features a stylie designed, limited edition cover. I won't know how limited until the sales fall off, but you will enjoy it none the less. If you are interested, drop us an e, or stall me in person, to request your brand new shiny Waltzer tape: hot off the press!


Working Late. I am after getting myself into a big project at work. I have to stay in the office from 9.00 to 9.00. And work at the weekend! So please excuse the temporary drop in quality of the Waltzer Experience, especially last week, it was brutal! I promise it won't happen again.

Paul leaves. Paul is leaving our company. It seems that the whole company is falling apart, what with the move to Clonskeagh, some people moving before the others, people leaving and general unrest in the ranks. But not to put a dampener on Paul's leaving. I know I speak on behalf of most of the designers when I say farewell and the best of luck Paul.

Navan related content. I have recieved a number of requests from my Navan posse who demand more Navan related content. Well, I don't spend much time in Navan ant more, but I would like to do a special Navan report with pictures of my Navan girls and maybe some of the lads. Stay tuned.

[featured site]

With Ali-W!


BOOMSHAKALAK! MP3 is taking the world by storm, so I is reviewing one of me favourite MP3 sites, AudioFind. So what's da vibe? Well MP3 is da latest audio format, and what makes it da best so far, is da way you can download files from da net and burn them to a cd or listen to them off your computer.

So check it out. Type in a song or artist and press search, and you will be taken to da AudioFind website, where you can download da MP3s using none other than your browser. No need for FTP programmes.

Da Waltzer tells me that this search facility is to become a regular feature of da Waltzer Experience, so whenever you needs MP3s, stop by here and catch up on da latest buzz from da Waltzer before you gets your MP3s.

MP3s, the only audio format that is keepin' it real. Now dats what I call music. Recognize.