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week 103 : 15 January 2001

Clare, Jayne and Claire Trish and Una Una and Niamh Moose and the boys
Clare Cummins' last night: Clare, Jayne and Claire at Birchall's; Trish and Una; Una and Niamh; the boy designers drinking Sambuca in O'Sheas before Christmas.


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The Waltzer Experience is a weekly culture website about the office antics of interest to graphic designer/writer/web guru/photographer, Alan Wall.


Alan in Amateur Play

Alan NuzumAlan Nuzum is taking part in the play "Dark Of The Moon" by H. Richardson and W. Berney. The play is billed as a tale of love and intrigue, and as Al says, his character "is neither lovely nor intriguing, so no typecasting there."

It is being staged in the new theatre in Dun Laoghaire, on what was previously the Pavillion Theatre. There is a Bar and Restaurant (Mao) in the same building so there is definitely an opportunity to make a night of it.

The dates are Tuesday Jan 23rd through to Saturday 27th. Tickets can be purchased direct from the theatre box office ph.231 2929. They are going like hot cakes so get booking. There are discounts for groups of 10 or more.

Some of us from the Business House are going on either the Thursday or Friday, so if you'd like to come with us, get in touch with me at waltzer@waltzer.net.

Clare Leaves

Clare Cummins Clare Cummins, undoubtedly one of the prettiest girls in the house, has left. I met the writing department in Birchall's at the sending off drinks, where Clare told me that she'll miss the crew tremendously. She said that she'll be keeping up-to-date with things through the Waltzer Experience. Clare is not moving too far, and intends to keep her favourite seat in Birchall's for Friday nights.


Wage Slave Returns

Wage Slave Phil has supplied another quality Wage Slave, you'll find it at the bottom of the page. It's a big one, so sorry if you have a 28k modem. Phil intends to create a book of Wage Slaves, so when he's famous remember where you saw it first!

At Discussions

Have you left KW or the IT house in the last year or so? Then get over to the Waltzer Discussion Board as ex-crew members are telling us what they are doing now.

"Dead Cat Bounce" Launched

One of the ex-IT house writers, Damien Owens, launched his first novel, "Dead Cat Bounce", last Tuesday. The book has received mixed reviews I am told, but generally they are favourable.

This is a fine example of someone getting up off their arse and doing something, and being successful at it. We all know we have it in us to do that website, write that novel, create that cartoon strip or whatever your creative outlet is, but it takes a lot of effort to stop putting it off and just do it. I understand that Damien's book has inspired many of the writers to start writing novels themselves.

"Dead Cat Bounce" is on sale at Amazon.co.uk.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Buzz in the House

When we came over to Clonskeagh, we were surprised and saddened at the relatively dead atmosphere. So we assumed that everyone was boring and unfriendly and we formed our own little group and called it Business House. And we were proud of our sticking together and people rebelled and left and wrote about how terrible it all is. Then we were integrated, and people rebelled and people left and people wrote how awful that was too.

But then we started talking to IT House crew and found that they were nice and friendly and interesting. And we realised that the difference between us and them was becoming less and less apparent.

So what is the story with the atmosphere? Why is there no constant buzz like there was in the 'Rock? I think it was because we all knew each other there. It's not enough to know that everyone is nice, you have to have met them and chatted to them and got to know them – a lot easier in Blackrock with our fifty crew.

Imagine we built a new building in Blackrock and put all the Business House into it. Everyone in the new building can bring over whoever they get on with from IT. I think that the whole Clonskeagh building would be over! (Is there anyone who doesn't know a Business House person?) So if everyone was there we'd all be going around asking "Oh, who do you know that brought you over?" and they'd be saying "Oh, Mary Kate and Jody" or whatever, and we'd say "Oh, great, nice to meet you." Then we'd all get to know each other and there would be a good buzz.

So be yourself, get to know everyone and let's all create an atmosphere that you can look forward to coming back to after the weekend. Look around you and see what you can do today that will improve the atmosphere between yourself and the rest of the crew. Little things add up and if there are links everywhere and you get on with everybody, imagine what a buzz normal work will be, never mind parties and the 2001 conference!

Now that wrecks me buzz.

 Wage Slave

wageslave 008

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