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week 104 : 22 January 2001


Ciara N.: When I figured out what was causing a problem with her Flash movie
"You're such a jammy yoke."


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Waltzer Experience a year old

Navan - This week the Waltzer Experience is a year old. I am adding a new section called 'Last Year,' but I will probably change its title as I get better ideas. I didn't do a review of the year since I did one in the Christmas Episode, and not much has changed since.

Dave Manzor: "I sang with Enigma"

Dublin - Suave graphic designer, Dave Manzor, last week admitted that he sang with early 90's band, Enigma. The Waltzer Experience has learned that the elusive playboy sang the male vocal part of the smash "Return to Innocence" from 1990.

Dave was still in secondary school at the time, but his voice was considered strong enough for the part. I caught up with Dave at a press conference that was staged when the news broke. Dave says he has no plans to further his singing career, his final comment at the conference: "Jayzus, I'll be sticking to the aul' graphics now, boy."

Listen to the part of the song Dave is in by pressing play on the photo above.

At Discussions: "Grow Up Waltzer!"

International - People bored and sick of the Waltzer Experience? Let's hear your opinions. Spin on over to discussions to agree or disagree with those who think there is too much drinking and socialising on the Experience, we should all be working and growing up, and stop moaning about the move to Clonskeagh.

Last Year

Viv and Mark Web - This time last year, the Waltzer Experience started with week 04. Viv, Martin, Mark, Dermot, Phil and Waltzer in front of our new sign in Blackrock, the first Wrecks Me Buzz is about moving to Clonskeagh (no surprises there) and I am looking for parties to DJ at. There is even a poll about how people felt about moving to the 'Skeagh. The style is very eclectic, and was heavily influenced by the king of comedy himself, Ali-G. (Check me out in the yellow jacket doing the pose with Phil.)


Al's play approaches

Alan Nuzum Dun Laoighre - Amateur dramatist and fellow crew member, Alan Nuzum, is in the play "Dark Of The Moon" this week. The details of the play were outlined in last week's Experience, but if you still want to come along, get in touch with me and I'll let you know what the story is with our tickets and arrangements.

Jason Power and Ciara Flannagan considered "best looking designers"

Jason Power Clonskeagh - An up-coming recruitment advert is planned for the company, and charged with selecting the best looking designers to appear in it, was design manager, Kevin. While the auditions were held in the office on Friday, the photo shoot will take place in Town in a few days.

It is not known yet whether Jason and Ciara will appear in the finished ads, but the fact that they were considered the most eligible upset a few designers who had thought they considered better looking than the two that were chosen. The story continues.

House shares recover

Nasdaq New York - Good news for house shareholders: The roller-coaster share price was back up to $40 on Friday evening following favourable quaterly results. Everyone who had shares were disillusioned when the price dropped below their sale price only a few days after they were purchased. All the more annoying was the fact that they did so well in the previous six-month offering period. People were buying lots more this time around, and so lost out all the more.

The trend is in line with NASDAQ's average, and is blamed on the volatile market for web companies and the poor performance of IPOs since the tech stock market's bubble burst some months ago.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Playing Quake too much again

I was sitting in the canteen having a cup of tea, when I got an awful fright. Jody was coming through the door wearing a light blue top, and I thought he had Quad Damage. (Quad Damage is where the player, having collected a Quake symbol, gets special power to kill with any weapon he uses. He turns blue to warn the other players). Obviously I copped on straight away that this was in fact, the real world and just because he is dressed like he has Quad Damage, doesn't mean he's to be feared.

But this hints at a much worse problem. What if I can't snap out of the Quake buzz on day? When you are playing for an hour or more, it's hard to look at the buildings the same way. You feel obliged to check for 'campers' or snipers on the roof. You think you better walk sideways with your back to the wall for fear of being shot. Or you think you should look under the stairs for health or ammo. I've had all these symptoms, but until I thought Jody had Quad Damage, I was laughing them off.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

Have you had any similar Quake playing symptoms? Log on to discussions and start or add to a thread.

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