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week 106 : 05 February 2001


Paul Little: On sandwiches that fall apart with each bite
"If you're not in control of your sandwich you're in trouble."

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The Waltzer Experience is a weekly culture website about the office antics of interest to graphic designer/writer/web guru/photographer, Alan Wall.


Waltzer stops moaning and embraces the IT house

Web - The visitor count, which is like the Nasdaq of private web sites, has jumped up from an average of 80 to 150 individual visitors a day for the Waltzer Experience. The new approach to has paid off well, annalists say.

This "new approach" is to stop moaning about moving to Clonskeagh and start using news from across the company, rather than exclusively reporting on the Old KW crew. This has not seemed to upset the ex-KW members across Dublin, Ireland and the world, who are valued visitors too.

Waltzer assures that there will still be pictures of people drinking and socialising, and the only change is that there will be reporting across the company, without compromising any news from the roots of Old KW.

Last year

Glenn, Siobhan, Sheherazade, GillianWeb - Week 6 (Episode 3) of the Waltzer Experience sees a drunken Waltzer lamenting the departure of the fair Gillian. And there's a load of "Shout Outs" to various members of the crew. It's quite embarrassing really. Chatrooms are Wrecking Me Buzz and there are some belated pictures of the KW Christmas party



Sarah returns to the house

Sarah Hipwell Clonskeagh - Sarah has returned to the House* after being on loan to a partner company for a few weeks. While everyone in the house is happy to see her back, the designers in the partner company have expressed their sadness at seeing her go. "The place isn't the same without her," Alan Cullen lamented. "That's where she used to sit." Matt and Aidan also admitted that they will miss Sarah in the house.

While the partner company is on a recruitment drive at the moment, the lads are hoping that their boss will hire someone with a similar personality to fill Sarah's shoes and inject that bit more buzz into the place like she does in the House.

Company launches second ad

Ireland - Not content with one ad in the Irish Times, the SmartHouse has brought out another ad. This week the ad stars Louise Lynch, Finbar Duggan and Paula Hayes.


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 That Wrecks Me Buzz

5.30 Traffic
By a designer who would, srangely, rather remain anonymous .

This week the Waltzer asked me, Ann Non, to say a few words about what's going on in de house. "Simple!", I thought to myself. "What could be easier then writing a few lines about the place I spend most of my waking hours?".

Then I reralised how little attention I pay to anything at work other then the 14 inches on my desk (no, actually my monitor, but good to see your listening). I thought I could tell you about the number of designers, writers and editors all changing seats AGAIN, how they had all moved about three months ago and are on the move again, but I realised how boring that would be and decided not to bother. Then Nicky, our resident Jim'll fix it, came to the rescue with a mail late on Friday evening.

As any of you who drive to work will know - this complex was designed by someone who cycles. There are excellent cycle paths. They go along both sides of the single lane road up to the car park. Yes, one lane each way if you want to be precise, but is it enough for three large companies and a few smaller ones (eircell, the EU commision etc.) hidden out back? The answer seems to be a definite NO. Living in Dublin should prepare us for poor infrastructure and constant traffic mayhem - usually the cause of roads that were designed decades ago with no foresight of the extra cars we would all have when the celtic tiger gave us a few extra quid to blow.

But this complex is all of 3 years old. What were they thinking? But the word is out that a solution is on the way. What would you expect that solution to be? "Eliminate one of the cycle tracks and one of the paths, and use the extra space to add a new lane to hold the 500 - 1000 cars all trying to leave at 5.30." I hear you say? Sorry, no. Actually we are now in the 21st century and technology provides us with the solution to all our troubles. It seems that the best solution will be a web cam. Yes, you heard me right. This will mean we can sit at our desks, log onto and see if it has cleared up before leaving. Is there anything computers can't do? (yes, they can't stop 800 people all deciding to leave at the same time because the road looks clear!). Anyway, next time you are stuck in traffic just remember - you can use your laptop to see yourself online!

Signing off, sitting in traffic,
Ann Non

Now that wrecks me buzz.




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