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week 107 : 12 February 2001


Damian Gallagher: On a night of drining
"I'm going to get ruined tonight in a most immature fashion"

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Company 'update session' in hotel, party to follow

Dublin - The company have called a meeting in a hotel venue in Town this week, which will be followed by a party in "Break for the Border".

While relief was expressed that the party wasn't in Planet Hollywood again, some of the crew worry that the company's news might be bad and have a negativ affect the share price. With the slowdown of the world web industry in the past few months, there might be a staff squeeze. Unlikely, though, since they are hiring like there's no tomorrow. Floor staff and middle management alike are wondering whether to cash in their shares now and avoid a possible crash, or to hold strong.

It is also speculated among the crew that there might be a merger or acquisition, possible with a complementary company such as the one whose name sounds like a bottled water company.

While the speculation continues among the intellectuals, the rest of the crew are looking forward to the free session in the 'Border afterwards. But as we all wait in anticipation, one question remains - why are we being brought back to the office at 5.00 when the party starts at 8.00? So they don't have to serve a proper dinner? Speculators say "yes".

Last year

Gillian and friendsWeb - Gillian and Aoife's leaving party: KW in the Life bar, featuring pictures of since moved on crew such as Phil, Viv and Sheherazade. Also in last year's site - a few e-mails I received from the crew expressing their initial reactions to the Waltzer Experience. (These are still welcome, by the way!)



Laura to return home

Laura Sheelan Sydney, Australia - KW's entire MIS department, Laura Sheelan, is due to return home on March 6th. Laura was back in Australia living it up after a previous trip made her fall in love with the place.

The return of Laura will ensure a celebration among the Business House, who miss her terribly since she left in week 43. Sources close to Laura noted that her return will make them very happy, and questioned whether they ever saw Laura in bad form.

Cut 'n paste

Next week there will be plenty of photos of the Break for the Border bash, and the story behind the update.

In a few weeks, a new character comes to the site, Cheeky Monkey, who has a cheeky thing to say every week. He's a cheeky monkey.

Waltzer is in good spitits this week because I move to Ranelagh on Saturday. I have been in Bray for about 18 months and it's time to get where the action is, against the advice of Richard and Paul, who live in Bray. So it's get all new furniture for the flat and organise a bit of a house-warming session soon after. Forgive me if next week's Experience is slightly low on content, I'll be busy moving house at the weekend.

The Wrecks Me Buzz column has recently proved popular with some of the crew. If you would like to write a Wrecks Me Buzz, feel free. Have a look at some of the others to see the average size and all, and then send me your Buzz to the usual address. You don't even have to be a writer, designers, editors, planners, management and technicians are all welcome. Once it has some significance to Dublin, the company, or your good self, I'll put it up.


 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Class Reunion
By Jody Fitzpatrick

Jody Fitzpatrick AKA Jub Jub AKA JubsterI met a couple of old chums from school over the Christmas and strangely enough we got to talking about the old days. "God is it really ten years since we finished the Leaving said Fergs." "Tis says Mattie". Heads dropped to the pints in front of us and we sat there for a while and nothing was said. This is where the recollection process was kicking in. The stories soon followed and we passed away an enjoyable couple of hours relating personal and shared experiences.

I have to say I enjoyed the banter at school. Not so much after the Inter, mind you, but overall yeah, it was a pleasant number of years, particularly in secondary school. I started second-level education in September '86 in St. Joseph's College, Borrisoleigh. Now for any of ye who haven't a clue where Borrisoleigh is, its, well, its 8 miles from my hometown of Thurles or the Paris of the South as I like to say myself. Borrisoleigh though, is an odd sort of a place famous for greyhounds, hurling and Tipperary mineral water.

While I liked St. Joe's I had no time whatsoever for Borris or the folk that live therein. A wanton, clannish bunch the Borris folk. I'm generalising of course, but yeah, on the whole, a charmless crew. But St. Joe's with its reputation for daycent education levels brought students from uphill and down. Students came from all parts of mid and north Tipperary, you name it, Upperchurch, The Horse and Jockey, Toomevara, Latteragh, Templederry, Nenagh, jaysus all over. It made for an interesting mix. When you're in your teens and haven't travelled beyond the garden wall it was positively cosmopolitan. The lad from Cashel or the girl from Glengoole might as well have been a foreigner from a far-flung continent. The thing that fascinated me about this great melting pot of Tipperary local culture was the exchange of colourful rural expressions. Now sophisticated urbanites like myself couldn't contribute much here but there was plenty who could. The funniest bunch by far was the Templederry people. They had more expressions and phrases than you shake a hurley at. Classics like Jopid, rapid, jilty for stuff that pleased them, and the hop, the deal, and the pure hop for the bad stuff. Many's the shared butt end of a fag was passed around by the bicycle shed with lads telling stories peppered with these phrases.

Well the pints were grand that afternoon in the Arch Bar above in Liberty Square in Thurles. And talk of the school days inevitably led to a mention of a ten-year re-union (Yeah, come June it will be ten years since I donned the Confederate Grey uniform for the last time). Mattie and myself were very keen on the idea that we organize one. Fergs and Shane were a bit more cagey about the plan. They felt there wouldn't be a go for that kind of thing among the old alumni. It's a relevant argument, but it is a terrible shame. Its unlikely it will ever go ahead and I will be well saddened if we let the chance slip. Now that would be the pure deal. Anyway if people who spent so much time together in their formative years can't come together for one-night ten years on well, that's not good.

Now that wrecks me buzz.



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