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week 108 : 19 February 2001
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Kick Start Party, Break for the Border: Clickable! Waltzer throws a few shapes; Nessa looking as lovely as ever; Tom looking extra charming; Isobel (and Helga) with just enough to drink; Peter looks to the sky for inspiration; Martin after winning a concession prize for coming 4th; the band; Jubster copies Peter and grabs two pints; Siobhan and John kick it up; Louise sucking helium from a baloon again; Gillo with his trademark cheesy smile.

Jackie Morrin: To The Waltzer
"The way you walk reminds me of Kevin O'Connell. It must be the authority."


Canteen food still manky.

"Politicians all gangsters" - Taxi Driver.

Sun shines three days in a row.


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Break For The Border party

Dublin - The company threw another free party on Thursday night, this time in Break For The Border. The usual suspects were there with a satisfying mix of drink, people and music. Well, maybe the music could have been a bit less noisy, but I suppose they can't get everything right.

Well after plenty of drink, dancing and waffling to bosses, I thought it was time to leave. But not before I took lots of pictures (they're on my desk if you're in the office). I was going to do a review of the evening, but I can't really remember much of the evening. Some of the photos even came as a surprise to me!

One thing that sticks out is my slagging off the guy who presented the speeches, Fran. I told him that down here on the floor we don't need to know about his top-level restructuring, and we wouldn't tell them if we were restructuring our departments. I was being sarcastic and I think it didn't go down too well with the poor guy. Well I'm sure he got over it.

I had to laugh at the beer mats that had recruitment ads for the company. I asked Kate McCarthy why they were advertising vacancies in a private corporate party. She informed me that it was just co-incidence and that the company are advertising all over town. Only in Ireland could you advertise in bars and clubs! Well let them at it. And hey, roll on Kerry. (Date had been announced- I'll let you know next week.)

Last year

In last years site, there's some interesting photos of Dublin at night: blurs, colours and shapes.



Al Currie's track gets commercial release

UK - Ex-KW member, Alan Currie, has released his first commercial record.

The record was reviewed in "Interrnational DJ magazine (this month), DJ magazine (this month), MUZIK magazine (this month), M8 magazine (this month), the Irish Star (a few fridays ago), Hot Press (with the Marilyn Manson cover).

I asked Al how his new label, Purgatory records, is doing.

Al: "We got DJ response forms back from about 25 top DJ's Billy Bunter, Andy Farley, Fergie, Jon thhe dentist, Lisa Lashes, Lisa Pin-up etc. Seems like 'Busted' is really making waves in hardhouse scene. The hardhouse Euphoria [album] has sold over 150,000 copies (now the biggest selling hardhouse compilation in the UK ever), we sold out our 1000 white labels in 2 days, annnd now the re-release frrom Tidy trax is taking off with 4,500 sold inside a week so far.

The following quote is taken form the M8 website, who reviewed Al's track, giving it 7/8. (The above link leads to a framed page, so you might have to navigate to find the Purgatory boys' review.) The Guv'nors 'Dynomite'/'Busted' (TIDY TRAX) 'Dynomite' is quite a groovy number containing some very different sounds ? not your run-of-the-mill hard house track, but a nice change to break things up. 'Busted', however, is a fierce, dark number with big hoovers out of a classic TDV track, all done very well with swirling sirens and a great vocal sample which makes you fear for your life. It's a great end of night track for those proper nutters and a must for all full-on hard house monsters. M7.5/M8


 That Wrecks Me Buzz

You must be joking!
By Waltzer

There's nothing I'd like to do more than write a Wrecks me Buzz for you, but it's so bloody late and I am so tired and I forgot what I was going to write about!

Now that wrecks me buzz.



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