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Lord above, we're in for the night. Week 11 | March 2000

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-Waltzer's site is rainbow.
(This is Dublin rhyming slang: Rainbow Rapids =Rapid =Brilliant)

Phil (On AlkaSeltzer):
“It said on the pack 'Reccomended after you've been on the raz- before you hit the scratcher.'”


[Waltzer Party Package]

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I got 2 Doras Sham: ROCKS!

[latest photographs]
Paul's leaving session. Noisy.

[Paul/Ferus Leaving Party]

Clockwise: 1. Waltzer, Phil, Joanne. 2. Phil, Mark, Mary Kate, Joanne. 3. Matthew, Viv, John*. 4. Fiona, Richard. 5. Sarah, Paul, Sally. 6. Viv, Waltzer*, Amanda*, Mo*. 7. Amanda, Sally*.
*Hidden in this view. Click to enlarge.

[that wrecks me buzz]


Sometimes I have too much to drink by accident. We thought we'd be in the office till 12.00 on Friday, but I was so happy to get out at 7.00 to go to the lads farewell session that I forgot to have something to eat. After five or six scoops I was talking some horrid shite. A few more and I was getting into a hoop.

Then I start to get The Notions. Did you ever get the notions? You think everything is suddenly much easier than it is when you're sober. Like “Oh, I'll run across the city to see if one of me girls is in either of the two pubs she frequents” or “I'll just run out to the shop and get something I don't need or want” or “That 'Reserved' sign will look good at home”. Yeah right! Now my own personal computer was in the office because I had got it fixed and it was brought back to me there. So I got the notion of collecting my computer from the office and bring it back out to Bray, where I live.

After the first Taxi I got legged it after dropping me to the TSB bank machine in Blackrock, I managed to get another one which I promptly had drive me up to the office. Now I didn't want to keep the guy waiting, so I ran in, told the security guard what I was doing, ran up the stairs, came down in the lift and ran out the door carrying a PC tower about the height of a five year old. The security just looked at me bemused, as did Tom and Gerry upstairs. It's a wonder I didn't fall over and kill myself running up the stairs of my house with it! And you'd want to have seen the horrid stares I was gettig from some young lad in Bray when he saw me carry it in. It's probably been robbed by now!

Then on Saturday morning I wasn't well at all and I was tired and hungover all day. But Mo and the Social Club had arranged a delightful evening of dinner, a cool band and dancing, but I was on a bad auld buzz and I wasn't enjoying it cos I was so tired and wrecked. I couldn't even talk to anyone properly. I was drinking my pint of Guinness thinking I'd be better off with a cup of tea.

I left early and went home to Navan cos I hadn't been there for ages and I needed to collect my camera and some disks for my PC. I felt real guilty though, cos everyone was on a good buzz and there was me on a bad one and leaving the party. I hadn't seen Gill and Viv for a while and was looking forward to talking with them, but sure I couldn't.

So I have decided to cut down on the auld drink, always make sure I have plenty to eat before I get a charge of beer and knock off the drinking after a while. And with Paddy's day coming up that might be hard. Now that wrecks me buzz.


-Paul and Fregus leaving party

Fair play to Tom and Gerry for letting the HTML crew out at 7.00 in time to go down and wish the boys farewell. Paul was in great form and he was telling all of us some great stories of the memories he has of the company. He also gave plenty of advice to everyone too! Very interesting.

-The 5k Competition

I am entering this competition at Sylloge.com. You have to design a useful site that only weighs 5k. This is a great challenge as 5k is a serious restraint. This page weighs about 13k without its pictures. The competition is judged at the end of this month. If you would like to view my submission, check it out here. It's a brief history of Pac-Man. The page including images weighs 5k.

-Suggestions, please!

Thanks to those of you that suggested some changes for the relaunch. Some of the suggestions were as follows:
More of that charismatic Viv!
More music. Hmmm...
More professioanl style images of foxy young ones
Funnier photographs
Movie reviews
New colums such as "That's horrid styley" and "Waltzer's how-to life tips".
Get rid of Ali-W

Very creative, kids. If you haven't given me an auld suggestion, please do. Even if it you want to re-enforce one of the above, just type it into the box here. Go on. For the sneer.

Thank you!

[featured site]

With Ali-W!


BOOYAKA! I has been surfin da net and I comes across this kickin Flash site. It is belonging to a design house, NRG.be. So, whatsp? Why is the great Ali-W reviewing a Flash site? Now normally I wouldn't be interested in Flash sites because I think they is all design and no content, and this site is no different. But it has some big up wikkid graphic design interface and that is well worth your while, innit? You is even able to download a kickin' screensaver. Respect.