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week 111 : 12 March 2001

Friday night: Isobel and friends throw a mad house party.

Kaner: On a girl who punched her boyfriend:
"She turned around and cleaned him one."

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More Goths in Dublin than ever before
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Killarney party in limbo

Pam last year with hats in her top Clonskeagh - Although an announcement was planned for last week, still no official word has been released for the long awaited weekend in Killarney. Rumour has it that the party is in limbo since the Foot and Mouth disease crisis broke. The government are recommending that people don't travel around the country to minimise the chance of a possible outbreak of FMD.

The crew are understandably worried that their weekend of drinking parties and speeches might be postponed until the government are sure that FMD is under control. This is quite a blow to the people who are waiting to leave the company as soon as the party is over. An announcement should be made this week.

Jay: 6.6 on "Hot Or Not"

Sarah, Paul and SallyWeb - Jason Power has been subject of world criticism on popular website People browsing through can mark Jay on his good looks out of 10. The picture of Jay, which has been on the site for three weeks, has received 6.6 at time of writing. Ciara and Moose were the perpetrators of the joke, but once Jay learned that the image was there, he admitted to not being bothered. On being asked about the low result, Jay said "Ah, it's not a great picture, you know? Ha ha ha."

This week last year

Sarah, Paul and SallyThis time last year. Some interesting pictures there. Also being drunk wrecks me buzz and there's a hilarious quote of the week from Phil.


Russ Manning: An American Poet

Russ: An American Poet

Clonskeagh - Although Russ has adopted many Irish traits in his time here in Ireland, such as saying "Jazuz", "shite", "skankey" and the Irish pronunciation of "whore," writing poetry would seem that the Irish influence is getting out of hand.

Following Ciara's slagging off Russ with "Na na na na na na" when he complemented her on doing well in last year's Fantasy F1 competition, Russ was inspired to compose the following poem:

"Some people believe character is built at the bottom; This would be the view of the people from Sodom.
Others believe it to come from on high;
Unfortunately, I have to say with a sigh;
Our ranks have been infiltrated by one Ciara O'Farrell;
To whom we will show no mercy whence comes her peril.
For after giving her in writing a mighty congratulation;
"Na na na na na !!!" was her reciprocation;
Tis possible she will fall and fall and fall;
Her comeuppance for outwardly gall.
To the bottom she will go, to the bottom of the pack;
For only there can she learn the respect that she lack.
Which ever way you cut it, whether it be high or low;
one should never "spout off" and let their conceit show."

Russ laughed when approached about the poetry and Ciara said she would wait until the end of the F1 season to comment.

New KW party in the pipeline

Richard and Jenny at the last KW party in TonersDublin - Last week I sent out a mail to all the KW crew and ex-crew to see if they would be interested in getting together soon. A lot of people have come back saying that they would like to go out in town on a Friday night, possibly the 30th March or the 6th April.

If you didn't get an invitation, it's down to a mistake on my part, as there is no-one I wouldn't like to have there. Send me a mail and I'll add you to the interested list and tell you where and when the party is. The location hasn't yet been finalised, but everyone will be mailed this week. If you have a location preference let me know. You can chat with the other crew about this and other subjects on the Waltzer Discussion Board.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Pretentious shop assistants
By Waltzer.

WaltzerPretentious shop assistants ruined my Saturday afternoon watch hunt. Looking rough after a night of drinking and partying, I went into town fairly shabbily dressed, my bag stained from a concoction of drink spills, and my hair in a mess. Not the styley, carefully constructed mess it usually is, but a real out of bed mess.

So in I sauntered into an expensive department store on Grafton Street, only to have to wait needlessly for the ignorant sales assistant to tidy some boxes on the counter before looking at me blankly without so much as "Can I help you?" Upon asking about the watch I had in mind I was looked at as if I made it up just to pretend I was shopping there.

I thought to myself, "this place will have to do without my custom, I'm going to find my watch elsewhere." I mean who does she think she is? I normally avoid comparing jobs because you're better off doing something you like than something that makes lots of money, but for a shop assistant to look down on me because of how I'm dressed really wrecks me buzz. With it's thriving software and Internet related industries, Dublin is full of people who make a lot of money and look shabby, and even if it wasn't, I don't think a shop assistant should look down on a customer no matter how they look. .

So I went to Weir's who were very quick and pleasant, and I bought a watch I liked. More importantly, I gave my custom to people who had some respect and weren't as shallow as to judge me by my appearance.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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