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week 112 : 20 March 2001

Peter W.: On country people slapping the car foor when you give them a lift:
"You always know the culchies, they bate the hell out of the roof. Bang bang bang!"

$100 deal falls through
3rd Floor too warm
Girls don't really buy newspapers

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Killarney party postponed

Pam last year with hats in her top Clonskeagh - Huge disappointment was felt on Friday evening when the company announced that the Killarney party will be postponed. Foot and Mouth precautions are to blame for the re-scheduling of the party to October 2nd to 4th.

The company have apologised for the disappointment and say they are acting on direct advice from the Dept. of Agriculture.

They added that there will be a compensation party in April or May, and we can expect details of that soon.

New web restrictions enforced

Web Clonskeagh - In an ongoing saga of web restrictions being dropped and re-started, the latest news is that they are to enforce restrictions again. This has enraged some Internet users who can't believe the short-sightedness of the company's policy.

"What if I want to see what's on at the cinema before I leave the office," one respected crew member put it to me, "With the restrictions I can't get to, so what am I to do only ring around the cinemas, costing the company more money and time."

The IT department issued a statement during the week stating "Due to abuse of the Internet access we are immediately implementing content filtering."

Web restrictions are a blow to the company morale. People who believe they are using the Internet sensibly as a professional perk find that they are no longer trusted to make that decision for themselves.

This week last year

Naomi and friends in NavanThis time last year, was also Paddy's day and I was in Navan doing the traditional thing. There are pictures of the day and a wrecks me buzz about chasing Navan girls.


KW one year in Clonskeagh

A young looking Ian and Alan, last year

Clonskeagh - Would you believe that it's a year since KW left Blackrock and joined the crew in the 'Skeagh. In that time we have seen many changes since our first few weeks. We had half a floor to ourselves back then, not many had left, we stuck together, sat in big gangs in the canteen, and never went to O'Shea's. Things certainly have changed now. Everyone has made friends with Clonskeagh crew and even visit O'Shea's on occasion.

KW get-together arranged

Richard and Jenny at the last KW party in TonersThe KW party I discussed last week is going to go ahead on Friday April 6th in The Duke on Duke Street. All are welcome.

5000 for software piracy information

The The Business Software Alliance has offered a reward of 5000 for information concerning software piracy, which will enable BSA to take legal action against the offending companies.

According to their press release, the rate of software piracy in Ireland is 51%, in other words, one in two software packages are being used illegally.

The BSA is hoping that the 5000 reward will encourage people to ring their hotline and incriminate their present or previous employer.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Having to write a wrecks me buzz on Paddy's day!
By Waltzer.

WaltzerHe he he! I am writing this on Paddy's day, it's 3.30 and I'm about to go into town for a charge of drink. So you're not getting a wrecks me buzz! Hope your day was good too!

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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