Threre's always someone who asks for "Rock The Boat" Week 12 | March 2000

[Paddy's day in Navan]
Some of me girls in Navan. L-R Naomi, Loops, Cat, Nev, Nev, Mick, Mick, Waltzer.

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-I'll be over tonight. Deffo.
(All over Navan this season)

“[If there's work to be done on Saturday] You'll find my phone well switched off.”


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I got 2 Doras Sham: ROCKS!

[that wrecks me buzz]


Oh it had to be done. I went to Navan to meet some of me girls I haven't seen for ages. And for me it's almost traditional to go into Navan on Paddy's day anyway. So there I was having a great auld time when me crew decides they were going to go dancing in Dunsaughlin. Now there was no way I was going to Dunsaughlin. No offence kids, but the idea of coming out of a club that is in the middle of nowhere with no busses around, only four taxis to bring 600 people to far flung areas of the countryside, and a 15 bill to settle when I do get one doesn't quite appeal to me.

So I let them go and stayed chatting to these two girls that I know. I got a bit bored with them, and ended up going to The Stony House. I met one of me mates from school but as usual Billy was too busy to talk to me, what with patching things up with his girlfriend and talking businness with his boys.

He bought me a drink and I got chatting to one of his girlfriend's mates. She was pretty and I started to make a move. I couldn't have cared less what the outcome was, cos at this stage I had decided that I was going home, and I wasn't staying in now unless it was well worth my while. She was playing serious hard to get, and was loving it. I was getting fairly impatient with her smart answers and the way she was dissing me sideburns and hand gestures. So I started leading her on for the sake of a chase, with no intention of getting it on. I ended up twisting it around so that if I showed up the next night in the same pub, then we'd get it together, and if not, it was cool.

Now you might think that was a horrid sly one, but check what happened next: This tall happy guy came over, gave her a big hug and kiss and sat between the two of us! I was bloody glad I hadn't my heart set her. Jayzuz, I thought, this is a bit moon. So I got up, asked her friend where Billy was, had a quick chat with him not mentioning your one, and left looking cool.

Now that wrecks me buzz.


-New Sections.

Two new sections are planned for next week. The first one is Brain O'Blivion's movie reviews. One of me boys,who would prefer to remain anonymous, is going to review movies. O'Blivion is very critical, so if he likes a picture, it's going to be good. He has devised a unique rating system, which is very funny. So even when the novelty of this great style wears off, you will find yourself coming back for the quality and authority of the reviews.
The second new section comes from another of me crew, Phil, from Jinx fame, who will be producing a weekly comic strip for you. I haven't got a clue what the content will be yet, but I have no doubt it will be top quality, topical and very, very cool.

-Clonskeagh Uncovered.

Also next week: What's like working in the 'Skeagh? Waltzer goes undercover. Where to drink, what to bring, who to aviod. The complete guide to Surviving The 'Skeagh.

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