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week 120 : 14 May 2001


Waltzer/Gillo/Kaner: On being big-headed
"I have been known to... stick my head in... the honeypot."

New law to make all-day breakfast compulsury for coffee shops.
Girls shoes to come with free plasters
Sunshine somehow makes girls better looking

Wage Slave
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Getting me through the graphics this week is the Stereophonics' difficult third album, "Just Enough Education To Perform," a fine album that establishes the Stereophonics as excellent musicians. Order it today at for only IR£12.76 +P&P and you'll have it in about three days.


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Waltzer Experience to be taken over by The Shams for a week

Gillo, Kaner and Russ (inset) Clonskeagh - The Shams: Russ, Gillo and Kaner, are going to take over the Experience when I am on holiday in next week. The lads have a few ideas down, but they are keeping tight-lipped about what they are going to include on the site. The lads site, possibly called The Bucko Experience or perhaps "The Sham Experience," will appear in two weeks time, on May 28th.

If the idea is successful, I might open the site up the odd week to other interested parties.

This week last year

CatIn last year's Waltzer Experience Ger McCarthy presents Catchphrases Of the Knowledge Crew, and a lack of taxis is wrecking my buzz. Also some photos of my Navan friends. I haven't seen some of them since that night.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

By Waltzer.

Television How many times have you watched a cookery programme for no reason other than the remote is on top of the telly or there is nothing else on? And how many times have you found yourself watching a really bad foreign film at 2 in the morning just because you've become too lazy to go to bed?

I think it's time of cast off the shackles of modern society and enrich our lives. And you can start by throwing out that television in the corner that has been draining all the energy and activity out of your brain for years.

What would you be doing if you had no telly? You might thing that it'd be terribly boring, but you're so used to relying on it that you have lost the power to think of other ways to entertain yourself. Which would you rather do tonight? Have a game of Monopoly or Pictionary or cards with your family/flatmates or watch a handful of losers press buttons trying to win money on Winning Streak? And what about those insufferable actors on Fair City? Would you rather watch them pretending to act when you could be having an intellectually satisfying argument with your best friend? Your time is valuable, don't waste such a precious resource sitting in front of a stream of ads and catchy television shows.

The main reasons I have stopped watching television are because itů

  • Creates false ideals of materialism
  • Dulls the mind
  • Prevents real interaction such as playing games, talking and arguing
  • Presents warped and glamorised views of sex and other social interaction
  • Wastes time you could be using creatively/productively
  • Trivialises sex, violence and drug abuse
  • Becomes addictive over time

There are plenty of alternatives to watching television, you could read the papers or a book, surf the web, listen to the radio, go to the cinema, go drinking with your friends, play a game, call into a friend, neighbour or family member, go for a drive or a walk, or get a hobby. What did you like doing when you were 12? Electronics? Train sets? Lego? Kites? Dolls Houses? Go and get some of that and get into it. Do something you like doing. Sure you'll miss Coronation Street and The Simpsons for a while, but you'll have a more fulfilling life. You'll thank yourself sooner than you think.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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