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Total photos: Zero. Jakob Neilson would be proud.

week 120 : 14 May 2001


Jason Conroy: After finding hash in the National Basketball Arena car-park
"This day was meant to be."

Normal looking Spanish student spotted
ToolTip ruins otherwise decent screen grab
Are you in the click?

Wage Slave
In Association with

Getting me through the graphics this week is the Stereophonics' difficult third album, "Just Enough Education To Perform," a fine album that establishes the Stereophonics as excellent musicians. Order it today at for only IR£12.76 +P&P and you'll have it in about three days.


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Dara builds designer shop

Our old KW pal, Dara Walsh, has just finished a new Amazon based shop for web and graphic designers. With some recommendations, links and ideas, this is a handy resource for those smug designers among you.

Ridiculously funny marketer's video comes from US offices

Bewildered laughter was heard from the pods this week as a terribly produced video was circulated. The cheesy production features a load of the House crews singing along cheerily to the Disney club tune, spelling the name in song. There then follows a roll call, in which totally unflattering, side-on pictures of the crew are shown as they all call out their name. If you are in the office check it out on Scratch/Waltzer/marketeer56c.ram. It should be all over scratch if it's been removed from my folder.


Shams take the experience

Next Monday, prepare for an unusual Experience. Kaner, Russ and Gillo take over the site for the week. They have been working on it for ages now and still won't give me any indication of what's going up. We'll just have wait and see.

This week last year

In last year's Waltzer Experience: Knacker Drinking Areas of Navan in the mid 90s .

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

I've to get up at four to go the airport.
By Waltzer.

What more need I say? What more can I say at this late hour? Enjoy the Irish weather, I'll be sunning myself, probably.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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