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week 123 : 05 June 2001
Odessa: Waltzer and Mairead up to no good; Jackie and Mike up to no good; Daire and Ciara being good.
Eanna: Approaching Jackie's desk and suddenly spotting new monitor
"Jackie, I was going to ring you about it but... JESUS! That's a big monitor!"

Boring people to be let go
Can you throw a penny into the fountain from the building?
Everyone in de click except Kaner

Wage Slave
In Association with
Tony Hawks

One of the best books I have read this year, Tony Hawks' "Around Ireland with a Fridge" is an excellent read. To win a bet Tony hitch-hikes around the coast of the country with a fridge in tow. As 2FM's Gerry Ryan, Eircell and a host of locals get involved, the adventure goes from strength to strength. Hillariously funny, I couldn't put this book down and so read it in a few days. Get it today at Amazon and support the Waltzer Experience.


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Weetabix team pull off an excellent experience

Cyberspace - Fair play to the lads Kaner, Gillo and Russ, who last week gave us an inspirational site for sore eyes. If you haven't seen it, check it out, it's a great laugh.

Wireless team celebrate at Odessa and Ri-Ra

Town - What a crazy night we had in Odessa and even crazier in RiRa. After a few glasses of wine, some delicious food and several cocktails, we were fairly ready to dance the night away on the glamourous floor of Ri-Ra. Much dancing was had.

After I fell over and cleared a table of drinks with my arm, I soon decided after offering to buy all the drinks for the unfortunate punters, that the best option was to head home. So I swiftly ducked around the corner and proceeded to get my jacket. A quick rickshaw ride later I was at the POD and wandering home, with a gentle sway in my step. Kaner was to follow me but I fell asleep and after trying to wake me by way of a couple of phone calls, he decided the best course of action was to get the night link bus home.


Mark and Fiona to come home

Mark, FionaDublin - KW celebrities Mark and Fiona are to return to Dublin this week, possibly Wednesday. If you are about, get your arse into town to see these delightful designers drink themselves into something of a state. Probably.

Dara's site has a URL

Cyberspace - The other week I reviewed Dara Walsh's new designer resource site, but I absent-mindedly ommited the URL. Silly me. Well it's


This week last year

Cute babyIn last year's Waltzer Experience: Lessons Learned in Athboy: 10 lessons learned the hard way at a festival in Athboy that wasn't exactly the most enjoyable, such as "Never Forget a girls name within 2 minutes of her telling you"

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Ten things that happened to us in Greece.

By Waltzer.

Dan, Judy, Ben, Mark, Jodie

Kos Island, Greece - My recent trip to Kos Island was sprinkled with just a few funny anecdotes, ten of which I will share with you now. We bumped into two lovely couples: Dan and Judy from London, and Mark and Jodie from Bristol, pictured above.

  • Ben called Mongoloid for not paying the bar man quick enough
  • Bar owner shouts at us as we pass "Come in if you can handle it you pussies"
  • When I asked Ben if he knew that song "Rollercoaster" by The Grid, he said "It's not called Rollercoaster and it's not by The Grid"
  • Ben gets slapped around the head for not paying the taxi driver fast enough
  • Money whipped out of my hand by bar man for not paying fast enough
  • Neighbour complains about the noise within ten minutes of arriving at our hotel at 5am
  • English police pull us over saying we fit the description of two guys who just robbed a load of shirts from the airport
  • Cigarette lighter flies out window when Dan pulls a corner too fast
  • Dan drives through pedestrian streets attempting to find the car hire shop. Locals look on in amusement
  • "APPLOWSA!" constantly called by the entertainment team in the hotel in an attempt to pronounce "applause"

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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