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week 124 : 11 June 2001

Mark and Amanda play pool
Mo's party: Amanda tries to put Mark off his shot.
Brona: With just a hint of sarcasm
"Isn't it great the way you know all the songs?"

That annoying kid still "singing" on Grafton Street
New Tallaght rail to be called TART, poster "Take the TART home" withdrawn, considered "too confusing"
Richie Kavanagh stops making novelty songs

Wage Slave
In Association with
Tony Hawks

One of the best books I have read this year, Tony Hawks' "Around Ireland with a Fridge" is an excellent read. To win a bet Tony hitch-hikes around the coast of the country with a fridge in tow. As 2FM's Gerry Ryan, Eircell and a host of locals get involved, the adventure goes from strength to strength. Hillariously funny, I couldn't put this book down and so read it in a few days. Get it today at Amazon and support the Waltzer Experience.


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Mo throws cool barbeque, Mark and Fiona in attendance

Sutton - Saturday night was livened up last weekend up in Sutton as some of the crew and their friends turned up for a night of eating Mo'Bia and getting to know people with names like Dangerous Dave, Masako, Neesha, Mrs. Mo, Piglet and T.

Plenty of drink and food, a big snooker table and the Men and Motors channel, combined with appearances by ex-KW celebrities Fiona and Mark, made for a most interesting night. Everyone was in good form and the party was fairly lively.

And at no extra charge to you, I had the photos developed on Sunday so you could see some of the action on Monday morning from the comfort of your little office.

NCAD exhibition

Eimear's creationsI went up to NCAD to check out the Degree Graduates Exhibition. NCAD is on Thomas Street and practically the whole place has been turned into a gallery, each student having his or her own space. If you can make it up there, do check it out. Some of the students are friends of friends of mine. Bring your cheque book, you might find something you'd like in your house…

Pictured is a body ornament by Eimear Mc Nally.


Graham produces

GrahamOr old network guy, Graham, caught up with me during the week to tell me how he's getting on and to plug his site on the Graham, for those of you that don't know him, is the guy who left, leaving us in need of Laura as a replacement. Graham was unique in the way he could laugh at any problem you could throw in his way.
-"Graham, I formatted my hard-drive and deleted the network."
-"Ha ha"
-"Graham, I set fire to the server room"
-"Ha ha ha"

Today Graham works with some other guys on Wicklow resource site,

I asked Graham if he misses the KW crew: "Ahhhhh, I remember when...

Paul would regularly and inadvertently re-format his hard-drive...
Pam would have all the gossip, and Phil wouldn't know what was going on....
I would hide in the server room so all the KW users couldn't find me and hassle me...
When Ger McCarthy would make yet another holy show of himself...

Ah, those were the days."

This week last year

JennyIn last year's Waltzer Experience: Anecdotes from a trip to Lowestoft, includig "Tiffin's [night club] was bumper with girls between 16 and 24. Yes, I was in my element. I'll tell you one thing though, the young ones over in England are fit!" Also my annoyance at the Rat Race: "Feel your life. Escape the rat race." and the

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Thinking of buying a gaff?

By Waltzer.

Some you may be aware that I am thinking of buying an apartment. It sounds like a great idea, but what do you have to trade off to get such a thing? A bit more that you would think, it seems:

Disposable income goes way down. You can see your normal rent of about £350 per month rise to about £500 per month. That means you have to find an extra £150 per month from what was your eating, drinking and shopping money. Something has to be cut down on, and being Irish, it won't be the drink.

Now I don't know about you, but I have been toying with the idea of going back to college. The past year has shown me some things that have said to me "you should really go back to college." But if you have to keep up a mortgage you can say goodbye to any notions of going back to college.

You have to be more careful at work. No more giving out about the company on your personal website. No more complaining and threatening to leave if you don't get your way. With the industry the way it is, you'd be wise to be conservative with ideas of moving around, but with a big mortgage it's even more dangerous.

Invariably, the place you buy isn't going to be in as good a location as the place you rent at the moment. So you have to put up with a drop in quality of life as you walk further to work, or worse still, have to get a bus.

So what happiness is left in your life now that you have no money, can't go to college or travel, can't leave the job, must be nice to the bosses and have a long bus journey to work and town? Well your money isn't going down the drain. Really? What price would you put on your freedom? £350 a month?

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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