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week 125 : 18 June 2001

Ciara N:
"Does anyone go into the Ilac Centre any more?"

More pages on the web than ever
Northside Shopping Centre still using the same awful jingle
No means yes, baby

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Recommended to me by some of my most learned friends, Bill Bryson's "Notes From A Big Country" is a hilarious comparison between the U.S. and Britain. I liked this book so much I bought it for my dad's father's day present. Get it today at Amazon and support the Waltzer Experience.


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O'Sheas 'beer garden' in use again

O'Shea'sO'Sheas - The 'beer garden' was the preferred venue early Friday evening for sunglasses and cider. O'Sheas extensive redevelopment of the beer garden replicates a 1990's Irish pub car park, complete with genuine 90's cars and beer kegs to sit on. And in keeping with the theme, there is no outdoor heating, so it's retire inside or go into town earlier rather than later.

Recycling bins finally in use

Environmentalists rejoice, the company has at last placed bins around the office where you can deposit your waste paper for it to be recycled. The bins are a welcome addition to the office, as the amount of paper we go through is savage. Now the paper will be sent for shredding and recycling.


Clodagh to leave

ClodaghClodagh, one of the KW writers is to leave us next week. Clodagh was one of the first explorers to venture out to Clonskeagh. Clodagh leaves us to do a bit of travelling. Next week I interview Clodagh about her leaving and her final reflections on the company, Dublin and the people she's leaving behind.

This week last year

JennyAn excellent Waltzer Experience this week last year: Phil and Mark leave the company. Photos and text about that, but also MP3 audio from the night. Listen to drunken behaviour and interviews, including Viv's lessons in pronouncing "Rapid Tunes," Mark and Phil's last thoughts on leaving that rapidly decline into drunken waffle,and Jody on body temperature. Also in that episode, Ger promotes his Frank Sinatra web site with the Top 10 Frank Sinatra Slang. Also, the wrecks me buzz is about growing up (again!). Also that famous picture of the crew outside on the steps. Can you believe it's been a year?

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Too responsible for our own good

By a designer who would like to remain anonymous.

AnonymousHow many of us have been walking to work and stopped mid route and thought "I would like to get a bus to Glendalough and have a picnic while enjoying nature, peace and tranquility, as opposed to grief hassle and mundane nonsense."

I have, every day for the last four years. This is where a major panic alarm goes off in the 'responsibility' gene, which in turns gets together with the 'fear' gene and starts to tell your 'rational' gene to ignore this sound advice and go to work. These genes only develop at 19 years of age and get bigger every day since, preventing all of us from doing every thing we'd like. Drink gives a slight reprieve, but they come back with a vengeance the next day, calling in their gene friends 'paranoia,' 'anxiety' and 'depression.' And they all have a brain party for about two days. Every day we think were going to be stronger and beat them, but they just outsmart us without fail.

Evolution is to blame: chimpanzees definitely don't have them, and if National Geographic is anything to go by, chimps only possess a 'have fun gene.' The flip side to this is the large possibility of being beaten to death with a stick by chimps who where your mates minutes before. But if you weigh the two options up I would go for the latter, where a days work is cracking nuts with a rock (a less mundane chore then my current job). Your days are spent swinging in naive bliss from tree to tree, riding all and sundry and showing your teeth to anyone interested, but chimps will adapt and it wont be long before they join us trudging inanely to work weeping openly at the horror of daily life.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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