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week 126 : 25 June 2001

Clodagh's last night: John, Jody and Garreth in mid arguement; Waltzer's hair gets too long, Nicola and Cathy laugh at it, Clodagh makes sure the interview is suitable for the web.

"Jesus, you can't even go to a kid's birthday party wihtout thinking of women."

Lunch made brighter and better by excessive use of coloured fonts and exclamation marks
Lite FM poster
LiteFM buy four more records

Dream of Tallaghtfornication

Wage Slave
In Association with
Bill Bryson

This is Moby at his finest, before he went all commercial. Everything is Wrong is an amazing album, with such a variety of styles from punk to techno to ambient. This album will have you dancing, rocking and chilling with each new track. You'll have a hard time finding this in Dublin, so do like I did and get it here on the web from Amazon. and support the Waltzer Experience.


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Clodagh Leaves

Clodagh Ranelagh - It was a sad day for KW on Friday as Clodagh the writer left us to travel around the world. (I mean, where are her priorities?) Clodagh was with us for 18 months and in that space she made many friends.

I interviewed Clodagh in the pub about her final reflections of leaving the house.

Clodagh, what are you going to miss about the house?
I'm going to miss the people most of all, canteen chats, Kung Fu talk, Geroge Harrison and Ringo Starr. What else, oh yeah, in a weird way, lunch menu descriptions. What's this "Crème du Barry" business?

What are you going to miss about Dublin?
I'll miss the trip between Killiney and Dalkey on the DART.

You're going to miss our trip to Killarney, are you sad about that? Hardly!
Well Ok, given the choice between Sydney and Killarney in October, I'll say no more! You know, I'm looking forward to touching base with people on the fly, so I can keep them in the loop and we can all make sure we're singing from the same hymn sheet...

Oh no, stop!
Going forward! Yeay! (Everyone applauds and makes noise) Can I just say a big thanks to all the ladies who lunched and breakfasted and will still breakfast without me. Have you noticed all the lads with tight t-shirts? A couple of guys wear tight t-shirts that are one size too small for them. It doesn't do them any favours. A couple of unnamed lads. I'm giving them some friendly advice from a distance. I can't say who they are. There are two in particular that spring to mind. (She tells Nicola). Haa ha ha! One thing I will say I miss, when we were all split into our teams we kind of lost that spirit we had. I think so, big time.

Have you grown up at all since you joined the company?
No! Ha ha. I think I've grown enormously as a person, my creativity has blossomed!

Do I sense sarcasm?
No you don't sense sarcasm. I have grown up I think. In ways I've become calmer. It's a lot due to the people I worked with, having nice people around me. There weren't any people I had a huge personality clash with. I don't know if I've grown up, but I know a bit more about what I want, ultimately. Which is to get away from [company name]! Ha ha, but don't put that on the web!


Seperated at birth

Little Homer/Moose
L-R: Moose, little Homer.

Paul caught cross-dressing

Paul in cardigan
"I was just trying to keep warm..."

NASA: "Spaceship" probably just a sandwich shop

  Sandwich shop
NASA scientists declare UFO sightings in Clonskeagh "a hoax."

This week last year

Young oneAn excellent Waltzer Experience this week last year: Top 10 evils of the world, includes "Kids, go to your parents record collection, pull something out at random, and hey presto, it's better than Steps." Also, wrecking me buzz is end of month poverty, and there are some funny sound clips of people you don't know at a party in Navan.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Everything cool

By Waltzer.

Everything cool this week, so I am treating you to a handful of photographs from the last two weeks. As some of you know, I have my camera with me at all times, just so I don't miss anything. I snapped these five pictures over the last two weeks. Some might be of interest to you, some might not. But to me they are all interesting.

Make your own intersting photos! Get a small camera (small enough that you'll carry it out) and bring it with you everywhere. Soon you'll have spent thousands on film and development, but who can put a price on the sentemental value the pictures will have now, and years down the line.

Peter at work
Peter at work. All the girls think Pete's soooo cute and innocent. Ciara asked him if he was coming up for breakfast, and he had a full mouth so he started grunting and pointing at the screen. I said "Oh, yeah, stop pretending your mouth is full and you're too busy, I know your game." Ciara stops me with "Ah, leave him alone, you're so cruel."

Peter at work
Hogan's two weeks ago just before I decided I'd had enough to drink and needed to get home straight away. "What are you taking a picture of Hogan's for" one of my firends asked. I replied "I don't know."

Peter at work
When I got back from Hogan's I decided it was time to wash my window sill with the dish brush and Fairy liquid. When my neighbour came home she asked me "Who puked last night?"

Peter at work
This is my God son, Conor, blowing out his candles for his 5th birthday party, last Thursday. When we cut the cake with "5" written on it, Conor declared that it'll be half five now.

Peter at work
Some of my friends at a barbeque last Saturday. The lads ate about twice as much as the girls.

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