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week 127 : 01 July 2001

Peter Birchall's Mary Beth Ciara and firends Liam, Jay, Waltzer
Moose Patrick, Mary Beth Garden party Waltzer fun

Mary Beth's leaving party: The progression of a night: Peter reflected in my glasses case outside O'Shea's; The crew for Mary Beth's party in Birchall's; In the taxi, Mary Beth checks her make-up; Ciara and friends chat in Hogan's; Liam, Jay and Waltzer happy out; Moose shows us what he learned in Vietnam; Mary Beth and her boyfriend Patrick. Paul's barbeque: Dancing in the garden; Waltzer "Ice, ice, baby, to go!"

"Ranelagh's a bad town to live in if you want a boring life."

No 11, 48A to aquire more scangers
a-ha album cover
Acquaintances realise they have common interest in 80's pop band, a-ha

You can still buy original Lucozade

Wage Slave
In Association with
Bill Bryson

I bought this book at the weekend after having my eye on it for a couple of months. Designer Jaro Gilens has collected over 400 old-school handheld computer games. The book presents the coolest and most unusual of the collection. The graphic design in this book is exceptional and is a huge source of inspiration. Order it today from Amazon. and support the Waltzer Experience.


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Paul and pals throw big barbeque

Harold's Cross - Paul and his housemates threw a mad party on Saturday. The party kicked off at 7ish, and continued well into the night. There was plenty of food, and with DJs spinning the tunes, everyone was well up for dancing. Waltzer helped by throwing in some MCing and rapping, using a generous amount of Ice Ice Baby, the classic Vanilla Ice track.

House crew: bring back the memories, go to scratch/waltzer and listen to Ice Ice Baby.


Separated at birth

Paul's tattoo, the sun
L-R: the sun, Paul's tattoo.

This week last year

Young oneAnother interesting Waltzer Experience this week last year: Tony Leaves the House, Tacky interior design (buzz), pictures of Tony's last night, including one of Ger's sister, the lovely Grainne, and the Top 10 consumable products, which includes:

7. Yop
YopThis yoghurt drink makes a great breakfast when your stomach isn't ready for solid food, like after a night out and you're in work the next day. And at least if you throw up it won't get stuck in your nose.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Not another cop-out on the buzz

By you.

Would you just look at the lack of stories and fun on the this week. It's disgraceful. That lad Waltzer is as lazy. I bet he was reading graphic design books or looking at his photographs or reading the paper on Sunday instead of doing the site.

I'm telling you, if the content doesn't get any better on that site I'm going to stop going. I don't know why I come here in the first place, it's not like the pictures are any good, or the news is interesting, or anything is ever relevant to me. And he's always talking about drink. What's the deal with that? And that Amazon thing is a bit cheeky. And would you look how short the article about the barbeque is. I want to know who was there, what the atmosphere was like, whether thee was any scandal and all. And how come the "last year" always has a picture of a girl?

Really, now, it's just not good enough. I've decided now I'm going to get my news from, my dose of satire from The Onion, and my photographs from Corbis. Waltzer just isn't trying hard enough, the lazy sod. And it's not like he has no competition...

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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