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week 128 : 09 July 2001

Irene: On Helena's novelty "Tune a fish" radio
"The reception's not the John West."

"O'Sheas actually not a bad auld place" - drunken designer
If you weren't on the web so much you'd get more work done
New drink tourists coming to sample Guinness, Jameson, red lemonade.

Wage Slave
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Bill Bryson

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Moose's animated film public showing

Le Dog posterDubln - Moose has been working on a cartoon entitled "Le Dog" which is about an old man who first covets then seduces a stray dog creating a jealousy that results in murder. The film took a year and ten days to produce, and it's 8.5 minutes long. That means just under a second a day was produced.

It's being shown in Galway this Saturday, 14th July at 3.30. It's also opening the Horror Film Festival in October at the IFC. It's being screened in front of John Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars," making Moose the little bollox you hated as a kid who shovelled their nonsense film about Bengali elephants before the film you were dying to see, thus robbing 10 minutes of your life. So this is Moose's revenge!

Moose said he wants to enjoy his bit of fickle fame before he's brought back to earth with an Object.

There are some stills at Also keep an eye on Scratch, maybe scratch/ledog or something similar if you are in the office, it should be going up early this week. TIP: Copy to your drive first, it plays better.

Monster attacks city
Ghostbusters scenario in downtown Dublin

Town - Scenes reminiscent of hit movie Ghostbusters were witnessed on Friday. What could only be described as a massive monster took to the streets and caused havoc with people's tea breaks as they tried to figure out why there was a giant inflatable monster taking bites from various buildings. The monster was brought under control late afternoon, or at least no-one thought much more of it as they went for their Friday evening pint of Cider in O'Shea's car-park inspired beer garden.


Kaner in bike race

Mondello - Last Sunday Kaner took part in the Clubman Supersport 400 race in Mondello Park. He was up against 40-50 other lunatic bikers. I'll have pictures and text here early in the week.

See Wrecks Me Buzz to see why this story is not true.

Coming next week

Waltzer does Galway, House crew member admits to being a porn star, Isobel's new website, and all the usual banter. Keep it locked. Also coming soon - Pint Club, the crazy stories of pints that Ciaran Hill and pals have been working on for the last few months. Includign "Raiders of the Lost Pint," and many more quality but ridiculous stories.

This week last year

Last year I was planning to downsize the experience but never did. There is the infamous roll your mouse flash movie that puts subliminal negative messages into your head, and last but not least, a list of the top 10 pretty girls in the house. (Be warned, it's a year old.)

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

What's going on?

By Waltzer.

Sorry about the delay this week kids, I had some trouble uploading on Monday morning for some reason known only to UTV Internet. I wouldn't mind only I finished the site on Thursday because I was going to Galway for the weekend.

Not only that, but I forgot to bring my bloody camera out on Saturday night and I couldn't take pictures for my "Waltzer does Galway" special.

Also I wanted to so a special on Kaner's bike race, but didn't himself and Fast Eddie come off the bikes on Saturday and there was no racing to be had for the poor aul' divils on Sunday. The story looks like it happened, but that's media for you, writing things before they happen. Mad, I tell you.

But never mind because I was at Wheatus on Monday night and it was a great concert, very entertaining indeed. I attendance were Mo, T, Gillo, Fast Eddie and Baby Brona. Oh, and Wheatus. What a buzz!

Oh, and I had a picture of the monster (attacks city) but I haven't had my pictures developed. Oh I'm such a moan...!

So that's it for this week. As you can see, there is plenty of good stuff to check back for next week, so please do.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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