Because I'm worth it. Week 13 | March 2000

[latest photographs]
Fireworks over Dublin. Amazing.

How could you be well?

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-I'm going to get myself a savage breakfast roll.

Jay: (on Martin beating him in Quake)
“He plays the game of The Gypsy.”


Brian O'Blivion's Movie Corner Three Kings

Three Kings

Somewhere halfway between Kelly's Heroes and Catch 22 lies Three Kings and this is one fresh movie. Taking a somewhat less jingoistic approach to warfare than most war films (are you listening Spielberg, O'Blivion's talking to you!) David O Russells third directorial outting marks a refreshingly dynamic change from the standard fare we have come to expect from this stale genre.

Focussing on three American renegade soldiers during the Gulf Conflict who find a map(in the crack of an Iraqi's ass) which details the location of stolen Kuwati gold, our three heroes immediately set off without authorisation behind enemy lines in search of the loot.

This stellar cast perform their job admirably, Clooney does the all round decent good guy geezer in his sleep at this stage but who's complaining! Mark Whalberg the moral center of the film, proves that his turn in Boogie Nights was no fluke and Ice Cube shows that he can portray more than just the brooding bad ass persona. However the true revelation here is the debut performance of Spike Jonze(director of Sabotage and Praise You videos and soon to be seen Being John Malkovich) as Whalbergs dim-wit country simpleton side-kick, he steals the show!

Anyways suffice to say they find the gold and encounter heavy Iraqi resistance and various thought-provoking moral dilemmas. O Russell must be commended for his blazzing directorial style, his original approach to acton sequences is blissteringly effective, one firefight that tracks the trajectory of every bullet from barrel to flesh in slow motion was particularly memorable and any flick that blows up cows for laughs will always get a thumbs up in my book!

So all in all a very funny, harrowing and insightful movie that slightly gets bogged down towards the end thus missing out on 'The Dude abides' award but a damn good flick none the less.

A Tony Montana. Damn good, worth checking.

I got 2 Doras Sham: ROCKS!

[that wrecks me buzz]

The 'Skeagh and more

Well there is no end to the things wrecking me buzz this week, but the biggest one is that I have moved to our parent company in Clonskeagh, near Donnybrook. So far it's not as bad as I thought it would be: everyone I have met so far are fairly pleasant. I still don't like it though. It's so corporate and nobody really knows anyone else. I feel like our identity has been wiped and now we are part of a huge corporate mass. Read more in Clonskeagh Uncovered.

More things wrecking me buzz this week:
Bus strike. You don't know how you depend on them until they're gone.
Share Prices Falling. Well I suppose they can't peak forever.
Shortage of time and money. I remember I had all the time in the world to do whatever. Then I finished school, got a job and had all the money in the world (or so it feels when you get a proper wage). Now I have no time and little money to do the things I want to do. It's hard to budget money, but it's also hard to budget time.
I think time is overlooked as a commodity. At the moment I am working on a variety of projects, each requiring a lot of time investment, but I find I don't have enough time for them all. It's like money. You have to make time by not using it on less important things. Like television. I don't watch it any more. I have real things to do.

Now that wrecks me buzz.


-Introducing Brian O'Blivion

First up I have the promised new section, O'Blivions Buzz, which is a weekly movie review column. Thanks to "Brian" for his unique insight into the movies. I am sure this column will become very popular, very quickly. Check it out, left.

-Where's the cartoons?

I am afraid that Phil's comic strip is going to be a week late in it's debut performance. We are under a lot of pressure in work (again!) and the outcome is that some things just don't get done in time. You know how it is yourself.

-Clonskeagh Uncovered!

So you're moving to Clonskeagh, eh? Wanna know what it's like? Look no further, The Waltzer has all the answers. Check out this once-off column, Clonskeagh Uncovered, right.

-The Fireworks

Did you witness the spectacle over the Custom House last Sunday Week? Marvellous. A big shout to Amanda and Billy who invited myself and the crew to a champagne reception on her roof overlooking Liberty Hall, The Custom House and most importantly, the amazing fireworks. It was the best buzz I have encountered for ages. Unfortunately we didn't bring enough glasses onto the roof and I found myself drinking champagne from the bottle, which I thought was very strange. A sort of yuppie knacker drinking! I took lots of photographs, but none were as good as the one here, above.

[featured site]

With Ali-W!*


Bo! Since I gave up watching da telly, I is been afraid to buy new music in case it is mingin'. So this week I has seen a wikkid site, called launch.com. If you goes to dis cool site, you can watch da latest music videos from da America, such as da Moby, Tiffany Spear, whatever. This site was brought to me attention by me main woman, Mo. Respect.
-So Mo, why did you put up this site on da wwf?
-I didn't.
-Well there you 'ave it, kids. Check it out. Mo was showing me da Moby's Bodyrock US video. Big up to da Moby. I likes the new album, Play. Keep it real.


Here I am coming to you live from the 'Skeagh. We are having a shite time and I hope you are making the most of the 'Rock, cos it doesn't get any better.

Day 1. I have no phone, network or internet. I had to hustle someone for their chair. There is an old monitor on my formally dirty desk, and a big box underneath. The partitions on the pods are quite short, so everyone hears and sees you. The place is like a labyrinth. I am afraid to leave the desk without someone holding my hand! The canteen is much bigger and has people making and serving food. There are cleaners working 9-5. There is a nice balcony overlooking the city just off the canteen, where you can go for a fag or some fresh air!

There is something like 7 floors with the canteen on 4, our temporary seats on 1 and our new section on 3. The lift is recommended.

The building is in a large campus. The 11 bus goes by, but is few and far between. It takes 10 minutes or so to walk to Donnybrook, where you have a better choice of busses. Forty minutes to walk to Sandymount Dart Station at a two people chatting sort of pace.

So far the people seem friendly, as long as you have been introduced to them. I got a sort of anti-work ethos off some people I met, which suggests that when you put too many people into one big building, it fosters aggression and disillusionment in them. I'm certainly not an expert ion this field, but I would say that 50 employees in a company is a good number, as they all get to know each other and know what each other does in the company. When people cannot possibly get to know everyone in the company, they give up trying, and become reclusive and only mix with their own crowd. This creates an environment where people lose interest in their job, lose respect for the company and do what they can to work as little as possible. I don't like this attitude, and I am not going to enjoy working in such an environment. Will you?

*Conversation may not have happened.