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ARCHIVES week 130 : 23 July 2001

Mairead, Isobel, Triona, Jo, Waltzer, Gerry, Kaner

Mairead's Birthday starring the pretty Mairead, foxy Isobel, stunning Triona, sexy Jo, cool Waltzer (with Mairead in a headlock), mysterious Gerry, and dangerous Kaner.

Eileen a friend in Galway: To a guy that was hassling her to be with him
"Look at me, I'm beautiful. You haven't got a chance"

None of these girls are a Gemini, or even close

Government considering licencing late-night traffic cone shops
What's the story with all the rain and it July already?

Wage Slavewage slave
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Leopardstown party announced

Surf's up dudesClonskeagh - Another summer Leopardstown party was announced last Thursday amid much rumour and speculation. The invitation came in the form of a tacky picture (115k) of a guy surfing with a can of Heineken, while a fish looks on obviously frightened. The image had a caption "Surf's up dudes," and comic-sans typeface outlined the details of the event.

Registration followed and due to a database error, we could all see who registered. Sources say that more people have registered for this party than last year, so it should prove to be enjoyable.

Last years party wasn't great, as you can read in week 030. Also on week 30, Assumptions you can make about free sessions. Might make interesting reading in the lead up to the party. Next week: Photos and review.

Jordo sends message from future

JordoThe Future - I took a trip to the future the other day and caught up with Mark Jordan. I snapped a picture of Mark and asked him if he had any advice he's like sent back to his younger self. Mark replied "Be careful jumping out of aeroplanes."*

Moose's cartoon update

Le Dog Poster Galway - I'm delighted to report that Moose's film came second in the Galway Film Fleadh. You might remember reading about the film on week 128 of the Waltzer Experience.

Next week on Waltzer

Cyberspace - Next week the Waltzer.net will be a day late, as I am going away for the weekend with the house scuba diving class. I'll be back up on Tuesday with the Leopardstown party photos and review.


Separated at birth

L-R: Editor Conor Walker, Actor Michael Douglas

More sex scandals - Rob Cummins

Rob Phone boxes - Programmer Rob Cummins is the latest culprit in a line of sex scandals emanating from the house. The latest discovery is an advertisement where Rob is seen soliciting for sex under the pseudonym "Rogerin' Rob."

The ad depicts Mr Cummins as a devil with horns and a fork. The text reads "Ladieeeez… for hot lovin' call that little ol' devil of lurve, Rogerin' Rob."

The ad, which was mailed around the office by workmates as a joke, is the second of such scandals that have become the subject of a hot debate on whether or not ex-porn stars should be allowed work in the company. Only last week another scandal broke involving Mark Faber. Lawyers for the company have contacted the Waltzer Experience asking that the policy of not using the company name be continued, thus avoiding the analyst attention, particularly in these troubled times in the IT industry.

This week last year

GilloLast year: Good pictures of the summer party in Leopardstown, a review of the party, Legalising Cannabis Wrecks me Buzz, and Top 10: Assumptions you can make about free sessions, which includes:

8. It's always easier to smuggle in your mate than you think it'll be.
You always think "I'd like to bring "Jimmy" or "Jackie", but you think you'll never get away with it. But there is never any real checks and no-one knows who anyone from other departments are.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Lack of creativity

By Waltzer.

I'm not doing enough creative work. This site only allows a certain degree of creativity, and I just feel sometimes that I could be doing so much more writing, photography, painting, and experimenting with flash and HTML/JavaScript.

Whenever someone tells me of a great photography exhibition, I just never seem to have the time to go, there's always something else to be done each day, someone to meet or some party to go to. As happy as I am to have a hectic social life, I think sometimes it might be taking me away from another form of happiness, being creative and observing other people's creativity.

I am going to have to make time and seek inspiration for my new ideas. I think the best way to do art is to make it for myself, and if anyone likes it, then that's a bonus. That's how I treat my photography and writing at the moment and it pleases me. Judging by the visits to the site, some of you enjoy it too.

Photography is a favourite of mine. People think it's a lazy art because you only have to point the camera and press a button. That's true, but you do have to be in the right place at the right time, and invariably you can go through three or four rolls of film before you get anything worth showing. Even on a weekly basis, I think the most I have ever shown on this site was nine shots and usually that comes from two or more rolls of film. So it isn't easy, or cheap, but it's very enjoyable, especially when you get the odd gem of a photo you really love.

Another thing I'd like to concentrate on at the moment is painting. I love to see real paint on a canvas, not something that was cleverly produced on a computer. Not that that's not artistic, it is, but I feel this need to get my hands dirty for a change and make something real. I'll use Vincent, Warhol and Lichtenstein for inspiration.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

Waltzer Experience © 2000-2001 Alan Wall. *Of course, the picture is of skydiver Dave Clements, who recently survived a near fatal sky dive, but Martin and I thought he looked like Jordo, ex-KW designer now in Germany and keeping an eye on the Experience every week.