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ARCHIVES week 131 : 31 July 2001


Ger's department move >

Ger and John Ger, Dervla Cian's KW shirt Mags and Mairead
Waltzer:24 > Waltzer: before the party Cake smoking a fag Dave Manzor Jo, Jub, Liam and Conor
Waltzer and Charley Peter's Tattoo Richard and Jub Waltzer and Pete Waltzer after the party
Leopardstown 2001 > KW crew Gillo Ivan and the boys Anne
Rob Dancefloor Russ and Jub fresh pictures every week: waltzer.net

Ger's celebration: Ger consoles John, what could be wrong?; Dervla shows off her new stone; Cian remembers the good old times; barmaids Mags and Mairead take a rest.

Waltzer: 24: Waltzer looking civilised in the office before the big party; A birthday cake smoking a fag; Dave suddenly realises he ate three bowls of all bran last night; Jo, Jub, Liam and Conor in a friendly style pose; Waltzer starts to kick it up, under supervision from Mad Charlie, no better man; Pete impresses Dervla and Mairead with his new tattoo; Jody laughs as Richard tries on his glasses; Waltzer before he bit the head off Pete, Waltzer after several pints, shots and a savage coctail, oh and with nice messed up hair.

Leopardstown 01: KW crew pose for a picture; Siobhan and Rachel rip the shirt off Gillo; Ivan and pals; Anne shows off her seductive smile; Rob gives it socks on the floor; the very floor; Russ, Jub, Pete and the lads outside listening to the Bouncer song, "Are you right there folks please"

Kaner: Asked Daire if he'd like to go for a beer, Daire replied "No, I'm cool"...
"I know you're cool, but you might want to go for a beer"
"Lovely" prizes to be won in O'Shea's
New ATM means you will drink more in O'Shea's
Do we ever leave O'Shea's?

Wage Slavewage slave
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Leopardstown party review: 70%

Leopardstown - Mediocre food and music didn't wreck the buzz too much for the annual company summer party. After a mix-up with Dublin Bus, a slow start and the usual painful wait to be served, the party kicked off with plenty of getting to know your managers with helium voices, and other usual party antics.

The turnout was pretty good, most of my friends were there (thanks for coming!) and there was very little scandal. Brief anecdotes: The busses went the wrong way completely, everyone laughed at the "Ring Prices" sign, Siobhan and Rachel kissed when I wasn't ready for the picture, there was no salad or cheese for the burgers, the music was better suited to teenage bedrooms and Tesco aisles, everyone was in great form, and the top of the bus to Rathmines/Ranelagh/Ballsbridge completely emptied in Rathmines.

Compare this years to last years party which featured in week 030. Those assumptions still hold true, don't you think?

Next week on Waltzer

I was in Killary the weekend scuba diving, hence the delay and lack of content this week. Next week I'll have the write-up on the weekend away with the house scuba class, with some nice photographs to match. Don't forget next weekend is a bank holiday, so the experience will be up on Tuesday, as is usual for bank holidays.

On next week's site (probably): Kaner crashes again (but this time got two races in first), Wage Slave back for at least three weeks, another good separated at birth, an interesting Wrecks me Buzz from the master moaner, Moose, and some controversy too if my evil plans come together.


This week last year

Last year: Last year was also my birthday, surprisingly, so there are some pictures of that. Also an interesting Top 10: Pub Types in Ireland, and in Wrecks me Buzz, the reasons I won't do the Lotto. And how's this for an update: I still haven't got around to getting film for the camera they bought me last year, I still don't do the lotto, (but am slightly less enthusiastic about being an entrepreneur), and I figured that if your party isn't handy, no one will come. It's nothing personal, people are just lazy, especially in Dublin where there is lots of other things to do.

Last year includes:

4. "Old Fashioned" Pub
Everyone knows that in Ireland in the old days, pubs were carved out of solid chunks of wood and had bicycles, pots and bottles hanging from the ceiling. It's good to see they are keeping up with tradition. Security varies. Pints are dear. Crowd vary. Try: Russells or McTurcails.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Waltzer a year older!

By Waltzer.

There's always something, isn't there. Now you know I'm not a grumpy person AhemTrionaAhem, but nobody likes getting a year older. Once they hit 23, that is. Now I know most of you will read this and go "Ah, poor baby" or "Ah, poor wee lamb," (whichever you are most comfortable with), because you are well over 24. Well "ha ha" I say to you. (It's especially sad for my dad who's not only left 24 a long time ago, but also has a 24 year old son, he he he!)

However, having a new age comes with it's advantages. I invited a rake of people to O'Shea's to help celebrate the passing of my cool 23rd year. Not that anyone needed an invitation to O'Shea's, but that's another story. So after a civilised start with about 40 people, we ended up about six of us fairly merry. Or so I believe, I was too busy pouring water on myself and jumping on the tables to notice who was there and whether we were setting off the fire alarms or not.

Well it was a great night and I'd like to thank you all for coming, I won't list all who came because I'd upset anyone who wasn't included and was there, and I'm sure I'd also upset people who weren't there and I claimed they were! Yes, it probably would be a fairly random list.

But now I am 24, getting on. I better go buy a place to live and get a nice young one to settle down with! ;-)

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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