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ARCHIVES week 132 : 07 August 2001

Sunset at Killary

Joe Waltzer Rob Dee Breeda Sarah Stops automa-tically Scenery Hamilton's Bar Wines Unleaded, Diesel
Man smoking as he loads petrol Triona Dee, Murphy Richie Joe Julie Waltzer K2 Rob

Killary: Patrick, Rob, Donie, Triona and Breeda enjoy the Sunset at Killary*; Joe, Waltzer and Rob keep an eye on Dee's dog, Murphy, as Dee she outlines the next dive*; Spoilt: Sarah fills Breda and Julie's boots with hot water before they put them on*; the amazing dryer in Hamilton's that "Stops automa-tically!"; the serene view over the bay at Scuba Dive West*; Hamilton's pub, petrol station and 70's hang out; wines - unleaded or diesel; man smoking as he pumps the petrol in front of the pub; Triona after a good dive*; Derek feeds beer to Murphy, to Dee and Rob's amusement; Richie, Julie, Waltzer and Joe in the taxi to the pub*; Waltzer dancing in K2**; K2; Rob dancing with stool at K2**.

Dee: To Joe Harney about his mask filling up with water...
"I don't know what's going on with your head"
Somebody seen checking the canteen noitceboard
Designer always prefers ordinary looking girls
Sims still without big monitors

Wage Slavewage slave


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Killary scuba diving weekend

TrionaGalway - A group of 13 from the company left their Dublin comforts behind to venture into the underwater world at Lenane. After an intensive scuba diving course with Oceantec we were soon on our way to Galway to stay in Killary Lodge.

Three/four amazing dives, two nights of drinking, two delicious meals and a load of sore heads later, we were reluctantly on our way back to Dublin after having a great weekend. Thanks to Willie, Sarah, Dee, Derek and all the instructors, and the staff of Killary for providing such a good service and making the weekend so enjoyable.

There is another scuba diving course being arranged for employees. I would recommend it for sheer enjoyment, and also you get your PADI card at the end so you can rent gear all over the world. It couldn't be easier to do the course, the teaching takes place in the boardroom and then it's down to the pool afterwards for the practicals. If you are interested, give Richard Darby a shout.

House party!

Ranelagh - As is usual for Waltzer, I am extending my birthday over a number of weeks. This is the last week of my birthday, and to celebrate I am having a house party in my flat in Ranelagh on Friday.

Now it is fairly small, but if you are a friend or even just good looking, come along and enjoy the banter and the craic (as they say in Ireland). It'll be at around 10 until late. I'll be taking pictures for the site, so put on your best stitches. No doubt I'll be in O'Shea's until then, so you can join me there if you like, or meet us at the flat later.


Separated at birth

L-R: Simulator Kaner, Actor Kristian Schmid (Todd from Neighbours).

Wage Slave back in the house

Waltzer.net has secured five more Wage Slaves from Phil. The popular cartoon, which is still exclusive on the web to Waltzer.net, re-starts this week. Wage slave is one of a few cartoons Phil produces for his comic/story book "A Crack in the Shell" which sells in Forbidden Planet. Scroll down to see this week's Wage Slave, or visit the archive.

This week last year

ElaineLast year: was Kirsty and Cathal's wedding. Some nice pictures of my two sisters and other family members and friends. Also: Top 10 tips for becoming a scanger, including:

9. Clothing
Diamond jumpers and Scanda Jacket essential part of wardrobe. These compliment the tracksuits down to a tee.

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Insurance fury

By Moose.

MooseAs a 29 year old tenant living in rented accommodation in a very secure premises and in a good area of Dublin , I have just been informed by a top insurance broker that no company in Ireland will give me personal contents insurance. My crime to evoke such a rebuttal: the fact that I live with two other tenants, who, in the words of the broker, could easily allow people and friends in. They in turn could steal articles belonging to me.

However, some tenants are covered, such as married couplesno company in Ireland will give me personal contents insurance with children, children I presume who will have no friends whatsoever! But if lucky enough that they do, their friends, even the teenage ones will be of such high moral standing that insurance cover will pose no threat whatsoever. I find it astonishing that, as a nation forced to rent through spiralling house prices, once again we can have such blatant bias against such a large percentage of society.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

 Wage SlaveWage Slave is archived.

Wage Slave 12: Mobile Phone? No Jeez, I don't, no. (c) Phil Barett

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*Photos by Richard Darby
**Photos by Breeda Cronin