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At Home: Kaner at home in '97 before he went to his debs; and with his mother, Margaret; With his dad, Chris. Chris was pretending to be the child and was asking Ian for a kiss. Kaner looks mortified!


Biking: Kaner loved biking, everyone knows that. The third picture shows him doing one of his famous after race handstands. The one with Mo on the back is funny, he was giving some of us a spin around the car park, and when it was my turn the bike slipped slightly. I wasn't worried, I thought that was normal, but when we got off, he said "I thought I'd lose control back there."


At a free bar: Always up for a free session, Kaner was at both Leopardstown Summer parties. The photo of him with Gillo became the most doctored photo from the site, with versions of them with afros, as part of "Sam the Sham and the Pharoes" and numerous other 'enhancements.'


At Waltzer's: Kaner was over at my place lots of times. Often I'd persuade him to leave the bike in the office on Friday night and stay in my place so we could go drinking, usually in O'Sheas. The Photo of him with his leathers was taken just after he attempted to chat up a girl who was out walking her dogs. He was asking her "Are they Autumn colours?" His usual chat up lines were "Are you a Gemini" or "How are ya Missus, do ya wanna go steady?"


With KW: The first photograph shows Kaner pulling his own ticket to win a bottle of Whiskey at a KW party.


Drinking: When he wasn't working, biking, chatting up girls or annoying his parents at home, Kaner would be in the pub drinking with his mates. These photos are from Mairead's birthday and my bitrthday, and Ray's last night.


In the office: Not one to be seen working too hard, Kaner would often be up to some mischeif. The third picture shows him connecting dermot to the chair with some cable.


With friends: Kaner was such a friendly guy, and anyone who knew him really liked him. He had that slight mad edge that made him exciting and interesting to be around.


Kaner: We'll miss ya, bucko!

After I told him he should wear a suit to John's wedding:
"Shut up Waltzer, you always want to wear a suit."
When I answered "No buzz" to his "What's the buzz?":
"No buzz is a bad buzz"
On being tired:
"Gotta go home, catch a few zees"
On meeting a friend later:
"I gotta meet him at six bells"
Waltzer, Gillo and Kaner on being bigheaded :
"I have been known to... stick my head in... the honeypot"
Asked Daire if he'd like to go for a beer, Daire replied "No, I'm cool":
"I know you're cool, but you might want to go for a beer"
Company shocked at news
All Kaner's office friends open up to each other in pub
Kaner's desk untouched since the accident
Waltzer and friends grateful for support of friends and company
Managers and staff turn out in droves for funeral

Wage Slavewage slave


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Kaner dies tragically in motorcycle accident

It is has been the saddest week I have ever had. Kaner died on Saturday, 11th August 2001, after losing control of his bike on Rivervalley Road, near his house in Swords. He was 22 years old, the only child of Chris and Margaret Kane. Hundreds of people came to the removal and the funeral to show their respect and offer their condolences.

Kaner book of memories set up

Comments are flooding into the online Kaner book of memories, a guest book where you can read and add your memories of Kaner. Friends and acquaintances are putting small snippets into the book about how they remember him. I would encourage you to add any memories you have of Kaner as they come to you. There is no limit on how often you can contribute, and it's good to read all the different perspectives. As Viv said, he'd be laughing at the sentimentality of it all.

About the site this week

Due to the amount of work it was to prepare this week's site, I didn't have much time to think about the style and design, so it looks a bit shabby. This is not a reflection of my feelings for the man, but simply a time constraint issue. (I was up all night Sunday doing this!) I will probably tidy this up a bit during the week and add to it if necessary. Please direct any comments, queries, omissions or mistakes to waltzer@waltzer.net.

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Kaner on Waltzer.net

Kaner was a very close friend of mine, as regular visitors to the Waltzer Experience will know. He contributed to the site on numerous occasions, and was often quoted in "Quote of the Week" or photographed at a party. I have re-scanned all the photographs so you can download and print or keep them. They are available in high resolution by request. Here is a list of items that Kaner was responsible for or was about him.

Separated at birth

L-R: Simulator Kaner, Actor Kristian Schmid (Todd from Neighbours).

The above Separated at Birth snippet was published on August 7th. The photograph was taken in Clonskeagh on Saturday 4th. Kaner had come down to the office to collect his helmet (his "lid" as he called it). I was in Clonskeagh village at the time and he called me to see where I was. He had some photographs that his mate Rob took of him racing in Mondello. He wanted me to do an article about the racing on Waltzer.net.

Kaner in photos

L'Oreal ad starring Gillo and KanerRegular visitors will know that I photograph nearly everything. Kaner never shyed away from the camera, and since I was with him at most of the social events there are quite a lot of pictures of him over the last year and a half:

One photo of Kaner in Russell's the night Viv and Dermot celebrated their leaving, week 40, October 2000
Two pictures at Leopardstown 2000 in week 30, July 2000
A photograph of Kaner and some of the KW gang in the courtyard and an audio file of Viv, Kaner and Dermot breaking one of the plants in Russell's the night Mark and Phil left, week 25, June 2000
Photo of Kaner looking over the partition of Martin's pod, week 18, May 2000
Kaner on the bus on the way to the Christmas 2000 party in Jurys.
Kaner chooses his own ticket to win a bottle of Whiskey at the Last KW Party, Toners. Week 47 November 2000
Two pictures from Ray's last night: Gillo and Kaner in Russells and Kaner with Suzanne and Debbie in the White Horse, week 39, Septmeber 2001.
Kaner with some of his friends at Leopardstown 2001, week 131, July 2001
With Mairead, Gerry and Waltzer in Roddy Bolands in Rathmines for Mairead's birthday, week 130, July 2001.
Ironing his shirt in Waltzer's, With Jo and Mairead at the POD, and fake L'Oreal ad and article slagging Kaner and Gillo for dying their hair, week 119, May 2001.
With Waltzer in the office, a year old photo from when KW came to Clonskeagh. Week 112, March 2001.
Are you in The Click? week 122, 28 May 2001

 That Wrecks Me Buzz


By Kaner.

Note: Kaner wrote this Wrecks Me Buzz for the Waltzer Experience last September after having a similar accident.

Well here is what usually happens: you are going along, usually with mates. That's how you get sucked into the high-speed syndrome. Not that it's all that bad, everything is going grand flying along your favourite country lanes or whatever, and next thing… Bang! You're skating along on your arse amidst a shower of sparks and crunching of exotic alloy leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. Talented, even inspired if you know what the hell just happened: that comes later. Now tumbling down the road is traumatic, but it's the sudden stop that hurts. But it's not the thoughts of "Oh my God my spinal cord or my left atrium flying through your head, its more like "Me fookin' bike"…

Sums and figures flash through your head and you usually have rough figure present by the time you stop sliding and jump up. Straight away, two broken legs, a punctured lung and third degree burns from the neck down. It doesn't matter… You hobble over to your trusty steed lying in a pool of petrol and oil if you're really unlucky. Then the pain sets in because now you know its fooked so what's the point? A lighting cigarette is thrust into your mouth as you stand in a pool of petrol assessing the damage.

This is where those two haunting words crop up again "err… what happened?" Truth being you haven't a clue, but guaranteed it's something along the lines of going too fast, trying to get knee down too soon, too much, too hard... your fault!

The conversation goes something like this: "Yeah I hit oil, held it and managed to steer away from the innocent bystanders etc. etc…" Ah sure you're a hero. Your mates don't believe a word of it - sure they saw the whole thing but they look graciously at the ground and nod their heads, just like school days. But you're allowed a degree of freedom as to the actual events due to trauma. An extreme session ensues later, and as everyone buys you a pint the stories escalate as you paint a picture of super human skills that no other mortal posses.

But the biggest pain is not the physical pain or the extreme expense of the repair bill or even missing out on a daily spin for the whole summer (3 years in a row now!). None of that maters because when you get on to the bus Monday morning you really know the true meaning of misery.

Now that wrecks me buzz.


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