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week 135 : 27 August 2001
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Waltzer:24 Ciara, Isobel, Waltzer Liam Cian, John Waltzer cooking Martin Mo, Martin

Waltzer's 24th: Ciara and Isobel fight for Waltzer's attention (Isobel wins using her tongue!);
Liam chilling in O'Sheas; Cian and John give the OK sign after knocking back a tequila slammer;
Waltzer attempts cooking for the guests; Martin has a look at the results; Martin after eating the results.
Photos were taken August 10th.

Triona B: "Sometimes I wish life had an undo button." Suddenly embarrassed as lads laugh at the geeky statement
"...like now."
Jody still not embarrassed to wear company t-shirt
Tony put up in B&B instead of hotel
New blonde canteen girl with the 70's blue eye makeup "a bit of a lash" - Desinger



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Waltzer's house party: styley out

Jo, Isobel, MaireadRanelagh - The recent (10 Aug) house party in Waltzer's has been described as "super styley" and "styley out." The source of these comments is unclear, but it's suspected that they originated from Waltzer himself, the famous socialite and culture journalist.

The party was enjoyed by people from departments as diverse as design, sims, and programming. A number of videos and photographs were taken showing the sheer debauchery of the night. Unfortunately most media players don't support the videos, so you'll have to put up with photographs for the time being.

Waltzer does Swords

Swords - Friday night I went to Swords with Gillo to see Chris and Margaret, Kaner's parents. They were showing me Kaner's artwork and telling us a few yarns about his wit and ways. It was nice to learn about a side of him that I didn't know. Chris was kind enough to loan me two pictures of Kaner taken before he went to his debs, which are now up on the KanerExperience.

Then we went to one of Kaner's local's, The Slaughtered Lamb. In there we met up with Mo, Dangerous Dave, Johnny the Rash, Fast Eddie, and some other good friends of Kaner. We had a great night which included dancing to "Come on Eileen," drinking Red Bull and Vodka, and sticking to the floor while watching bouncers escorting people out who were puking.

A couple of weeks ago, Kaner invited me to go to U2 in Slane with him and the lads. I don't really know the lads, but when I mentioned it to Dave and John, they were good enough to keep Kaner's invitation open. Come back here next week for pictures of us at the concert.


Des disappears after e-mail violation

Clonskeagh - Little Des, a.k.a. Little Tommy, hasn't been seen since he shocked the company with a two word e-mail on Thursday. The offending mail, which said "U2 suck," followed a spate of mails offering U2 ticket for sale or swap.

Des, obviously disillusioned with having to put up with ads in his mail box, decided the best course of action would be to let the whole company know what he thinks of U2. The mail shook HR to the core, inspiring a warning about how they "frown upon" selling cars and concert tickets over the mail system. The HR warning continued, "Disciplinary action may result from continued abuse!"

HR haven't denied that "disciplinary action" includes removing people without trace from their positions. We wait in hope that Des might be out on training or holidays and show up unharmed during the week.


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 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Coping without Kaner

By Waltzer.

WaltzerBack to a strange week in work, life goes on normally for most of the company. But for Kaner's friends it's sickening. As we question our understanding of life, love and loss, we are interrupted by meetings, deadlines, petty arguments and stupid jokes, which seem to mock our pain.

It wasn't like I depended on Kaner and I have to change my life now in his absence, but he was a damn good friend. It's taking a lot of getting used to. Every now and then I wonder if I imagined it or if I'll wake up and find it was a dream. As time goes by those hopes diminish.

Looking around I see my other friends and remember that I love them too. I wouldn't like to lose any of them. We have all become closer in our little circle. We have opened up to each other. We have thought about things in a new light. We have forgotten all the petty politics that goes on among a circle of friends.

Sure, some positive things have emerged from such a tragedy, but whatever happens we'll never be able to bring Kaner back. It's so unfair to lose such a good friend, but as we get on with life let's appreciate the people we still have left.

Now that wrecks me buzz.


Two new pictures of Kaner are on the KanerExperience. If you have any photos you'd like to share, send them to me at waltzer@waltzer.net or give them to Fast Eddie if you are in Swords. If you have any memories or thoughts you would like to share, you can add to the Kaner Book of Memories.

Last week I forgot to mention that Kaner wrote the "Are YOU in De Click?" article in week 122, 28 May 2001.

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