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week 136 : 03 September 2001
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U2 Slane 2001

U2 Slane 2001

Ciara Leaves: Waltzer bangs his head oof Ciara Noone; Mairead happy out; Steve and Kieran in 4 Dame Lane; Ciara at the O'Sheas part of the leaving party.
U2 Slane 2001: Frames from a movie I took at Slane.

Des: "It's amazing what you can build with Lego these days."
Tea blown over on balcony
Designer caught coming in at 10.01
Canteen empty on pay day



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Ciara leaves

Ciara Flanagan left on Friday. She was in the company for five years and left as a senior designer. Ciara is off to travel the world, fair play. So we went to O'Sheas and then the very expensive 4 Dame Lane where I took pictures and videos. They will be online tomorrow.

Viv to return home

Viv is making his way back across the world to arrive in Dublin in a couple of weeks. Viv's Phileas Fogg style journey will no doubt lead our designer friend into some adventures that he'll share with us upon his return. Viv left the company a year ago to travel the world. What is it about this company that people won't leave unless they want to travel? Maybe a subject for a discussion board, if we can set one up again.


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Pete and Shane to leave

Designer Little Pete from Up North and Simulator Shane McCarthy from Deep South are leaving this Friday, so I forecast heavy drinking on Friday night. More about the lads and pictures of the night will appear next week.

On KanerExperience

Memories and reflections are still coming into the Kaner Book of Memories. Tomorrow I'll add a picture of Ian and his Dad at home to the KanerExperience page. Feel free to send me a picture or add your thoughts to the book.

This week last year

Vulgar England: A collection of pictures I took on a trip to England to see my good friend, Ben. Includes a picture of the Waltzer getting his chest waxed! Read about lads pissing down stairs in nightclubs, shifting 16 year old engaged girls, being robbed, being broken into, lads being taken away in handcuffs, and how easy it is to get a back and chest waxing when you are drunk.


 That Wrecks Me Buzz

The effort to get to U2

By Waltzer.

I was one of the lucky ones to get a ticket online the day they went on sale. So I was all set to go to the concert with Dangerous Dave, Johnny the Rash and Kaner's boys. When I got to the Dublin Bus office I noticed my ticket was missing. Completely gone from the pocket I put it into where it'd be "safe". I checked my bag and other pockets but it was gone.

I went home to sulk. I refused to buy another one from a ticket tout. Then I rang one of my friends, Dervla, and she told me how much I'd regret not going and basically persuaded me to go. So back to Dublin bus with about four minutes to spare, got me bus ticket, paid some gobshite ticket tout 70 for a ticket and ran up to the bus. Now the journey was less than enjoyable sitting on my own worrying whether the ticket would be a fake or not. After a long journey and then a long walk, it transpired that the ticket was a fake.

Needless to say I was very pissed off at this stage. The woman took me to the Ticket Master van and said that people with fake tickets can buy real ones for face value in cash, no plastic. That's all very well, but at this stage I hadn't got 40 cash, only 25. So I was wandering around wondering where was I going to get 15. I was thinking "Have I anything to sell? Will I ask people for money? What's the chances of bumping into someone I know?"

I walked up the road looking at all the faces like a desperate man, and after about fifteen minutes I gave up. The next thing I see Eanna, the editor, at a chip van. I couldn't believe my eyes. I briefly told him my story and he was kind enough to lend me 20, on the condition I put a picture of him on the site with a halo around his head! Finally I walked down that road knowing that I was going to see U2 today.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

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