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A NATION MOURNS: The American flag flies at half mast in Ballsbridge at the US Embassy on Friday.

Joanne: "A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center."
The words that sent dozens of us onto the web in search of news.
Company shocked at news of America attack
Ireland shuts down on Friday
Nobody in our NY office injured



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John Marries

John A Keane married his girlfriend Rachel Gaffey in Killester on Wednesday last. The reception was in the Marine Hotel, Sutton. A beautiful dinner was followed by a good night's socialising. John's new wife Rachel looked beautiful, we all had a good time and a few of the old crew were there - Ray, Phil and Dara. A great day indeed. John is on honeymoon at the moment.

I sincerely apologise for the lack of photographs of John's wedding that I promised, but I have had a non-technical problem and the pictures will not be published until next Tuesday. Sorry!

This week last year

Sheherazade, WaltzerDermot: "I Had Sex Change" and Fiona Dunne leaves to go to Portugal. Also: Kaner's Wrecks me buzz about crashing his bike. Some pictures in Russells of us all dancing and messing.



Pictures from the US Embassy.

Marching band


A marching band lead the firemen and rescue workers to the American embassy to pay their respects;

Flowers at Embassy

flowers stacked around the gates of the embassy;

Child lights candles

childern light candles and leave flowers at the embassy

People sign book

people were queuing up to three hours to sign the books of condolences

Girl signs book

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Terror in NY
Friends OK, people sign books of condolences, attacks on middle-eastern people, are we nearing a war? By Waltzer.

Second tower hitThere isn't much I can say about the horrific attack on America that you wouldn't read in a quality newspaper. However I have some close to home details and some personal thoughts. (Who hasn't?)

I was lucky enough to lose nobody in the attack. Mo is in NY at the moment, but is fine. Sheherazade is in Boston, she's fine but is extremely annoyed at the terrorists and also the US for not realising that there was a chance that this might happen. Russ is in the US but he's on the west coast. I haven't heard from Russ. My friend Brona's friend Val worked in the World Trade Center, and she's fine. Kevin's O'C's sister works there too, and is fine.

I was down at the embassy on Friday where it was touching to see people queue for hours right around Raglan Road and Pembrook Lane to sign the book. A taxi driver told me he went to sign it at 4am on Saturday night, and he still had to cue for a few minutes. The length of the cue I saw shows how much the people care and are deeply saddened and shocked by it all. I know it's not much, but I hope that the people who lost loved ones and colleagues can get some comfort from the fact that people cued up for three hours, possibly after travelling for miles, to sign the book of condolences.

I am also disgusted at the vigilante attacks on Muslim and middle-eastern races. That's not helping at all. So much can go wrong at this stage. There is so much that could spark a war. It's scary. Lets hope Bush doesn't jump the gun. We don't want to see any more innocent people hurt by this than the tens of thousands already affected.

Esat has said it won't charge people for any calls made to the US since Tuesday, and a catering company was giving out free food and drink to those in the queue.

My thoughts are with the people who are devastated, whether they lost someone or not.

Now that wrecks me buzz.


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