It's what you do. Week 14 | April 2000

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-Sharon's drunk. Look at the hednor.

“It doesn't matter if he's in Acapulco and some guy is dancing around his hard drive”


Brian O'Blivion's Movie Corner

O'Blivions Movie Corner is having teething problems and will return next week.

I got 2 Doras Sham: ROCKS!

[that wrecks me buzz]


My head is bloody melted with idiotic rules and door policies. I was havng a drink with me bro and two of me girls back home in Navan. Then I bumped into two of me cousins and their girlfriends which, for a variety of uninteresting reasons, is unusual.

Now my girls were trying to persuade me to go to this club, The Solar, and I didn't want to go as it's usually crap. So Loops went over to me cousins and persuaded them to go. They hadn't been out for an auld boogie in ages and I was surprised that they were up for it. So we all went down the streets and got to the door. Waltzing in no bother until me bro was stopped. Sorry lads, 23's.

“Ah go on, I'mm a decent sort. I might be only 18, but I am responsible and am with my 20-odd year old friends.”

“Sorry. I cna't let you in. That's the rules.”

So me cousin Dean had a go. By the time he came back form the bouncer he had just been married, was about to go abroad, we had all come from some party and this was his last time to see his friends for weeks. Still no joy. In the end we could only admit defeat. So none of us wnt in. Except for me girls who had gone in already and didn't notice that we had trouble.

This kind of thing wrecks me buzz. I thought those policies were to discourage the young ruffians and give the bouncers an excuse if they didn't like the look of someone. I mean your man could have let him in. He wasn't drunk. He looked casually smart. He was with a bunch of 23-30 year olds who were all dressed well and were well spoken. But he wouldn't budge.

If this happened in Dublin there'd be no problem. We'd just go somewhere else, but in Navan if you don't go to the Solar, then you either go home or go to Oisin's. Oisin's is populated by 16-23 year olds, with a strong element of scangerness about them. You could be sure a fight will break out after this place closes every Saturday. So therefore the bouncers in the Solar have control over whether you are going to have a good night or not. you would even be sitting in the pub wondering if you are going to get in. I think the key is to not care. I have been there about 7 times, and each time I couldn't care less if I got in or not. That way you look calmer to the bouncers and also if they stop you you just laugh and go home.

But this time we wanted to get in and we couldn't. I was looking forward to having a bit of an auld dance and maybe meet some nice youngone or catch up with some old friends or whatever. But there you have it. How one bouncer in Navan wrecked the buzz of 8 people in one fell swoop.

Now that wrecks me buzz.



I have just been to some pub off Gearges St. and I cant think of the name of it now. Hogans? But there was meself, Martin, Mo, Mandy and Glen. Funnily enough and coincidently, Sarah was there, and also co-incidently Joanne was there. So there you are. Well there was a reasonable buzz going around, but on Friday night everyone does be on a drowzy buzz and can't mixenmingle like a Saturday.

-One Week in the 'Skeagh

First week wasn't too bad. Cant wait for the rest of the crew to come over. I believe the Sims are coming over on Wednesday. Hopefully our furniture will be there soon.

-Does my site look thin in this?

I know that there are a few things missing this week and you would be forgiven for thinking that the Waltzer Experience has seen it's heyday, but I assure you this is a turbulent time for myself and all here on the Experience team. We are so swamped with work at the moment that there is often no time to write/create content for the site or event to do anyting interesting enough to photograph and/or write about. I know you have come to expect a certain amount of quality and high standards, and I don't like to compromise that. But sometimes I have to create the odd less than perfect version of the Experience. I shouldn't be highlighting the negative aspects of something I produce, but this site is a community and as such I don't want to be dishonest with you. I could say nothing when the quality slips and find that you stop comming. It's the fact that you come to read the site that keeps me going with it. So please forgive the odd slip in quality, and look forward to the next week when you might get a gem.

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With Ali-W!*


Recognize! Homelands is on and I is thinking of going to it. This site gives details of what is going down. Like where I can leave me Julie while I goes to 'ave it large to Leftfield. Is there any point stayin' in? No! Big up to da Homelands crew. I just 'ope that me can last all da night. I't's on till 2am! They 'ave really gone to town on da licence. What is wrong wiv a few thousand clubbers 'aving it right off until 6 or 7? Bloody council!

*Conversation may not have happened.