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Gillo's house warmer:
5.45: Triona, Jo and Mairead on thier way out of the complex and into the pub | 7.54: Mo hides her face from the camera as Martin and Viv catch up | 8.08: Isobel and Jo look on as Waltzer tries to take pictures of the ceiling | 9.17: Shots come out, almost everyone has either a Brain Haemorrhage (shown) or a Flatliner | 9.18: Tessa and Gillo knock back a shot | 9.40: The remains of John's stomach after a Flatliner | 11.56: Waltzer and The Derm back in the house | 12:12: Gillo, Viv and pals in the back garden | 1:00: Triona shows off her empty wine bottle collection, as promised | 2.00: Isobel, Tessa, Neil and Waltzer fade away | 2.15: John, Dermo and pals zonked on the couch | 2.17: Drink and tiredness take their toll on Gillo.

John Owens: "I thought it was a burp and then splash!"
Only a week to the conference
Waltzer's screen touched
Alka-Seltzer still saving the day for many hungover heads



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Gillo throws house party

Gillo has moved from the North side to the South side. Poor sims Tiona and Mairead are the new flatmates and to celebrate this fusion of culture and programming, a house party was held.

Disco lights, bangin' tunes and a heap of drink helped set the scene. Throw in many drunken boys and girls, some mad climbing out of windows, and a large bottle of red bull and vodka, and you pretty much have it. Viv and The Derm were in attendance, as you can tell by the photographs.

It was a night of horrible debauchery. A lot more drink was consumed than normal, in fact it was savage. Puking was rampant: out windows, at bars, on the street, even in toilets. Luckily I managed to avoid the torment of food stuck up my nose, but I was in dire need for alka-seltzer the next morning. So was Gillo, who drank his from a jam jar, such was the lack of glasses and cups. It was after 10 on Saturday night before the last of the guests had dispersed, Gillo having gone to bed twice since they arrived.

This week last year

Sheherazade, Waltzer Last year Viv and Dermo left the company. Joannne writes about Viv's joining the cast of Friends. And the new web restrictions wreck me buzz.



Killarney itinerary released

Excitement mounts as the long awaited conference is about to launch. Itineraries, tokens for the trains and first night have been issued, and all that remains is one day of work and the ability to get to the train station for 8.30 Tuesday morning.

We arrive in Killarney at 12.45
Conference is 3-5
Then at 8-1 we have our few token drinks

On Wednesday the conference is 9-1
At 2 there is the activity things going on until 5
Then at 7.30 it's drinks and dinner until 4 including an awards ceremony

The train on Thursday leaves at 1 to arrive at 4.30.

Waltzer will be photographing the event and will publish the photos next week in a special Killarney edition of the Waltzer Experience. In the meantime, brush up on your Irish at Killarney.ie.

 That wrecks me buzz

Speed wrecks the 'Wrecks Me Buzz'


There's no wrecks me buzz this week because I wanted to get the site up fast before we all go to Killarney. Check out last weeks excellent Wrecks me Buzz about the Barge, or the one about Munich that Jordo wrote recently. Or check his progress in the US. Maybe you'd like to look at the Wage Slave archive or even the photos from John's wedding. Whatever it is, you can be sure that you can find all that usual lark here on the Waltzer Experience.

Now that wrecks me buzz.





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