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A special Waltzer Experience for the Killarney conference

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Rapid Tunes: Killarney 2001:
2nd 12:32 Cian and Ger devour a plethora of drink
2nd 20:53 Joey Rainbow spinning around
3rd 15:08 Charley knocks his opponent off in Gladiator-style tournament
4th 01:00 Second night heats up as crew dance away the early hours of the morning
4th 01:19 Johnny Nolan surprises Isobel with his collections of balloons
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Cian, Ger
Crew dancing
John, Isobel

John Bradley: "I'm staying in the Europe hotel but I haven't slept there either night"
Only a week since the conference
Writer admits "I can't afford to keep eating in Berman Wallace"
Family keep phoning for computer advice



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Killarney conference special

Last week found all the house crew in Killarney for a conference. Three days, two nights of chilling out and getting paid for it! Check out the special at waltzer.net/killarney, photographed by Waltzer, written by Waltzer and Jody.

This week last year

Sheherazade, Waltzer The vintage episode: Pictures of old school crew: Aoife, Al, Fergus, Laura, Fiona, Ray, Dermot, Siobhan (she came back!) Mark, Phil, Tony, Seamus, Pam. In news, Al Currie cuts his first track. (Next week I'll be interviewing Al on the launch of his new sub-label, Smooth. Don't miss it!



Discussions back up!

Want to talk about stuff from the house or this site? The Waltzer Discussions is back online. Join in for daily discussions both serious and messing!

Golf in Killarney

O'Sheas donated a piece of Waterford Crystal as a prize for our golf competition in Killarney, organised by Nollaig Heffernan. The winner was Ronan O'Dulaing, with Mich Ryan and Mark O'Leary in second and third place respectively.

 That wrecks me buzz

Really moving house!

This Saturday I will be doing the dreaded move from my beloved Ranelagh to my new home on Conyngham Road. So there will be a lot of messing going on this weekend. I have to buy a fridge, cooker, washing machine. I have to buy carpets, beds, a table and chairs. And if there is any money left over, I want to get a record player, amplifier, speakers, a Terminator 2 arcade machine , a telly (for films ONLY!), DVD player, video, disco ball, smoke machine and large blue neon 'W.' I have the pool table, microwave, professional CD players, audio mixer and leather sofa already purchased, so I'm halfway there!

So that leaves me with a few things to organise. Firstly, next week's site might look a little cheaper than usual. And secondly I will be having a housewarmer soon. I hope you can make it. Details will be distributed through the regular channels.

But in the meantime I have to do all the packing, moving and all that crap! What a fun way to spend a weekend!

Now that wrecks me buzz.



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