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Alan Currie and business partner Aaron launch new record label Smooth!

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Currie is HOT!
Alan Currie's Purgatory Records launch new label Smooth.

Smooth is the new sub-label from Alan and Aaron's record label, Purgatory Records. While Purgatory releases are Hardhouse and hard edged European trance, Smooth releases vary between Progressive, hard filtered funky and full vocal funky.

Smooth's first track, Groove, was released September 6th and sold out that day. It was played by Radio 1's Danny Rampling at Milk in Belfast. The record made it into the hands of superstar DJs Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez, Junior Sanchez and Eric Morillo.

So who is behind this label causing waves in the dance music industry? And how does Al feel about his success? Alan Currie talks exclusively to the Waltzer Experience about his decision to leave KW, setting up the label and the rise and rise of Purgatory and the launch of Smooth.

Al, how did you know it was time to leave the comfort of your steady job and take the big step into setting up your own business?

When I realised I was thinking less and less of creating D-Paint graphics and more and more about good tunes, jacuzzis and scantilly clad groupies! Only the "good tunes" have evolved so far, but hell, we live in hope for the rest! The only thing I miss is living in Dublin, the great people there that I miss dearly, and the nightlife, up north in my hometown of Ballymena, (HEY!) there's nothing but visionless people with accents that could cut concrete, heroin addicts, and women in shellsuits who lose all sense of direction when they get a pram in their hands!

How do you feel about the success of Purgatory? Is it where you envisioned it would be now?

It's actually much harder work than people think, most think when you get a deal that you're set up for life, far from it, your distributor has the right to decide if they want to release your latest tune so you're only ever as good as your last tune and your royalties will start to flow in about 9 months after release. Also the goalposts are always shifting regarding "what's cool", last year till about spring this year we had a great run of hardhouse releases but this year its moved towards funky, progressive and hard edged trance. Hence the start of a non- restrictive music label called "Smooth", mostly this will be funky stuff plus it gives me a chance to use my '64 Telecaster! So it's tough and you've always got to keep your ear to the ground, we are lucky that we run a record shop too and get many promos before they are released so we always know what sounds are most popular and we can incorporate similar sounds into our writing. It's tough but if you love music it's a buzz that you won't want to give up whether success meets you in the road or not. I think I remember getting dumped once for telling an ex that I loved music more than her, come to think of it!

What will you be doing to promote the new label, Smooth?

Mostly calling the major labels, sending out CD copies for possible licencing deals and most importantly sending out vinyl copies to the big name DJ's where it will be heard by thousands of people at a time "if the DJ likes it! (remember he/she will have many promos from other labels to choose from)". For our first release Aaron went out to Ibiza and met up with a mate of our's Robbie Nelson (AKA Agnelli and Nelson) who got it into the hands of Roger Sanchez, Junior Sanchez, Todd Terry, Eric Morillo etc. Whether or not they played it out we dont know and dont care at this point cos it sold out inside a day when it was released several weeks later!

Well the best of luck, Al. When I'm a famous DJ, I'll be sure to play your tunes out all over the world!


Purgatory Records can be bought in Abbey Discs, HMV, and Future Sounds. T-shirts are available from the website, Abbey Discs and Future Sounds. Keep an eye out for their next release "Reach For The Sky."


On the site

Please excuse the lack of stories on the site this week. I have moved into my new appartment and the electricity or phone hasn't been connected yet. I'm not in work for a few days, and I am all over the place trying to get the bits together between getting stuff emailed to me and getting the site done on the laptop. Next week I have an exclusive on the new line of action-figures the company is about to launch...

Don't forget the discussion forum is up if you want to discuss the Killarney special or anything from this week!

This week last year

Nessa Underage Drinking Spots of the early nineties by Mark Jordan : Pictures of Nessa and Aoife and other pretty girls adorns the page where Mark takes us through his underage haunts in Dublin. Including:
6 -William Tell
"Situated directly opposite the equally decadent yet sadly defunct Bartley Dunnes, this was the best place to kiss Gothic princesses and be forced to smoke Bord na Mona's finest."


 That wrecks me buzz

Here comes the winter!

Oh the winter is coming and it's getting cold out! Now that the conference is gone, we have only Christmas to look forward to. That's eleven weeks away. It's going to get cold, wet, dark and dull.

But it happens every year and we always complain! Let's look at the good side of Winter: More romantic, more parties, more time to do your hobbies, more time to do night courses, the chance the office might be closed because of snow...

Yep, winter can be fun and useful if you want it to be. As long as you don't mind putting up with going to work in the dark and going home in the dark! Oh the horror!

And watch out for bangers this week, kids!

Now that wrecks me buzz.



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