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Conor Jay
Glen, Viv Viv, Richard
Martin Richard, Russ
Isobel, Joey Celebrate boys
Noddy, Dave Brian

Column 1: 1: Conor laughs next to a particularly tempting looking pint. 2: A ghost image appears as someone walks by Glen and Viv. Caoimhe, Niamh and Jay are in the background. 3: Martin marvells at new extra large fags. 4: Isobel and Joey Rainbow in extra-friendly pose. 5: Noddy and Dangerous Dave doing what can only be described as "enjoying a pint".
Column 2: 6: Evil Jay takes a photo of himself. 7: Viv watches the camera as Richard smokes a fag. 8: Russ probably shouting "Rapid Tunes" while Richard helps expose his chest. 8: Richie 'The Boy' Maher, Cian 'The Omen' Hegarty, John 'The Hurler' Grant, Adam 'Captain Canada' Lawerence, Kieran 'The Stalker' Kearney and some fat bloke from Clonakilty hold up a cup which was won by Kilmacanogue from Wicklow in the final of the Wicklow Senior Hurling Championship the weekend before. 9: Brian shows off his prizefighters fists later in Savannagh.

Joey Rainbow: "How come one to two goes faster than three to four?"
Designer keeps all bus ticket receipts but probably won't ever collect the money
Canteen ques lenghten at end of month
Putting a stamp on a letter doesn't mean it's posted



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Waltzer's plants on telly!

Ireland was treated to the sight of Waltzer's plants and a documentary about the company on telly on Sunday. I travelled across the city from Conyngham Road to Gillo/Tri/Raidey/Marie's place to see it, only to find that Network 2 cannot be tuned into their telly! So if they ask you to go to a party there, oh, let's say this Friday, be sure to remember that 32 is a No Network 2 Zone.

Pictures of the party next week. Other upcoming parties: Isobel's birthday, Nicola's leaving, Mo's Debbie throws a party, Richard's housewarmer, Waltzer's housewarmer, Gillo's birthday...

This week last year

Laura kisses Joanne Laura leaves: Pictures of Laura's last night and interview with her. Nice black and white pictures too.



Separated at Birth

Hyperactive television presenter Cheggers, hyperactive Clonakilty ambassador, Ger McCarthy.


Company to launch action figures

Action Figure PhilDublin - To mark the success of our product library and to commemorate the famous crew members, the company is to release a set of precisely detailed action figures. The "Old School" line features figures based on characters made famous by the Waltzer Experience, including Phil, Viv, Jody, Mo, Ger. Meanwhile plans are developing for a series of later recruits, possibly to be called "Fresh Faces."

"These figures will bring to life the magic of creating B2B software," said Mr. Greg DaBoss, CEO. "The line is sure to thrill kids and collectors alike."

Kids and collectors are not the only ones to be thrilled by the new toys. Product testing are looking forward to their role in the production of the toys. "We usually have to foockin' check that these kunted links here are working," noted Mad Charlie, "but these toys will be a laugh to foockin' test. I can't wait to see the foockin' drinking action on the O'Sheas platform."

The toys are to be released over the next few months with endorsement from Viv and Waltzer. Each figure comes with different accessories such as a mouse, pint, and Flash software kit. They are highly detailed and have articulated arms, legs and head so that they can be placed in exciting action or sex poses. They are expected to be highly collectable, and should retail at euro15.



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