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Viv: Quickly finishing up a phone converation about drinking faster when standing
"It's a major problem facing society but we'll get into it on another occasion"
Writer keeping hoarde of pennies in drawer
Web designer assumes everyone looks at his web site
O'Sheas wonder where everyone is the last two weeks



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Alan Wall is a graphic designer who's interested in photography, web design, Dublin culture and writing.


Mad house party, Waltzer forgets camera

Matt, Triona, Mairead and little Marie threw a cool Halloween party on Friday night. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so there is no pictures to share with you this week. It was another crazy one with the hilight being Mairead accidently locking herself into her bedroom, Des Marron climbing up the back wall, falling, climbing again, into her room and finding the key under the door!

Overall a good party with unusual appearances by Viv, Charley, Sully and Jack. The scene was set with ultra-violet light, strobe, disco lights, good music, nicely decorated gaff. Well done to the kids. That shot of Aftershock did me no favours though! And I think I only managed to drink one of my very expensive Kronenburg bottles before they were all liberated from their cardboard prison.

Next week: pictures from Nicola (leaving), Isobel (birthday) and Waltzer (Halloween).



Separated at Birth

Designer Dave Manzor, Eastenders' Billy Mitchell.

This week last year

Sex sells The Pixel Episode: A tribute to pixels: DPaint, pixel sites, history of pixels, pixels vs vectors...


Vacancy in drinking department

Dublin - O'Sheas have released the following press release*:

The PR department has a vacancy for:

Auld lad

The Auld Lad is responsible for making the bar look Irish, drinking and reading newspaper, making the odd comment to the bar staff, shouting at sports on the telly, and looking to the door when someone walks in.

Ability to read newspaper
Ability to consume in one hour either one pint of Guinness/Smithwicks or two shots of Irish whiskey with water and no ice
Keen sense of awareness of the door, the weather and other unintelligent conversational trivia

The following would be an advantage but not essential:
Fondness of pinching girls as the night progresses
Fondness of diddly-i music
Ability to find way home after 14 hours drinking
Ability to come to work on time (10.30) after drinking the night before
Knowledge of pub and area history should anyone chat to you while waiting to be served
Not too wide so as not to take up too much bar space
Not bothering to wash hands after being to the toilet

Free drink and newspaper (Choice of Tabloid or Broadsheet)
Free drink should you wish to come in on your day off
Work with lots of glamorous teenage bar girls
Make new and exciting friends
Use the bar phone and toilets

Note: This role would suit a man, non-team player, who doesn't have any hobbies. Even retired men looking for some extra money would be considered. This position qulaifies for government incentives under the "back to work" long-term unemployed scheme.

If you are interested in joining this easy, slow paced career, reply in writing including CV outlining relevant experience to HR dept, O'Sheas.



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