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Column 1: 1:Dave with silhouette of smoker. 2: Matt and Tessa chilling with a drink. 3: Elaine, Steve and friends. 4: Waltzer mixes up a styley lounge set. 5: Dave, Steve, Conor, Ruairi enjoy the hi-tech lazer light show. 6. Mandy takes up the whole couch as Richard sits on the ground.
Column 2: 7: Evil Pumpkin as carved by Mandy. 8: Mandy and Richard laughing away. 9: Gillo and Tessa enjoy the view. 10: Isobel and Richard take it easy on the couch. 11: Nikki's leaving: Sandra, Nikki and Joanne. 12: Shane's leaving: Shane, Paul Ward and friends.
Dave Pumpkin
Gillo, Tessa Mandy, Richard
Steve, Elaine Gillo, Tessa
Waltzer Isobel, Richard
Dave, Steve, Conor, Ruairi Sandra, Nikki, Joanne
Mandy, Richard Shane and boys

Steve (my brother): On our new non-stick pan "Jeez, it really is non-stick. Except here where it's stuck."
Too cold and wet to smoke on balcony, basement gets new lease of life
T-shirt kids
Everyone wearing those long-sleeved t-shirts with coloured arms
It's about time you tidied your desk



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Alan Wall is a graphic designer who's interested in photography, web design, Dublin culture and writing.


Nicola Leaves

Leaving last week was my favourite blonde, Nicola Harrison. Nikki was with us for two and a half years, coming from the Blackrock crew. It's very sad to see the last of Nicola around the house. Nikki is about to join a financial company as a communications manager.

Also leaving on Friday was Shane O'Brien. Shane was with the company for almost four years, and leaves to check out Australia.

This week last year

Laura kisses Joanne Sheherazade Leaves, Planet Hollywood party reviewed, Uncle Travellin' Viv's Top 10 buzzes in South East Asia (hilarious - well worth a look), and Waltzer on why Navan Wrecks Me Buzz!



Separated at Birth

(Front Row) Phil Murray, "Phil Little," and Paul Little.



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Waltzer getting "Best of 2001" ready for Christmas

It's time to give in to commercial pressures and admit that Christmas is coming. With that in mind, I am putting together the highlights of the year for a Christmas special. The special edition will include the best photographs, quotes, news articles and spoofs from throughout the year.

Last year's Christmas Special had a review of the company Christmas party, the history of the Waltzer Experience, Timetable of people leaving and the best articles of the year. With the extra features such as photography, this year attempts to better last year's show.

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