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In the office last week:
1:Amanda and Des admire Joanne's new plant. "The company should invest in some plants" Joanne says, "the air in here is terrible." 2: Triona and Joanne marvel at the weather. "Marvelling is costing the company hundreds of pounds a day," Waltzer reports, below.
Mandy, Des
Triona, Joanne

Triona: "I like your neck... thing."
Joanne: "You like my neck? Really? I grew it myself."
Waltzer: "Can I have a go of it?"
Job cuts lead to higher unemployment - new study
Desks, filing cabinets selling well - new study
If she was really your friend she wouldn't be sending you all those crap jokes



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Lunchtime fire alarm: diners forced to leave tables

Someone smoking in the lift lobby of the upper basement was to blame for the premature abandonment of many delicious hot dinners in the canteen on Wednesday. A warning was sent out form the Utilities department the following day stating that "Smoking is strictly forbidden" and that anyone breaking this rule will be "dealt with accordingly."

Meanwhile sources close to the Waltzer Experience leaked the news that a fire drill was to happen on Thursday. This led to a lot of confusion among fire wardens on Wednesday and the rest of us on Thursday, as the second fire "drill" was underway.

"We haven't had a fire drill for months" one designer said, "And then two come within 24 hours." Another crew member said, "I hope it's only a drill, I haven't collected my personal belongings." There were some happy with the drills however, one writer saying, "It gave me a chance to bump into people I haven't seen for ages."

Christmas party announced

Monday - The Christmas party this year is to take place in Jury's, Ballsbridge. Coaches are to take us to and from the event, which takes place on December 6th. Kicking off at 7.30 with a drinks reception, the party is due to kick into the early hours and ensure that productivity is at an all-year low the following morning.




Crew hysterical over Kit-Kat mug competition

A competition where the winner will win a Kit-Kat mug is underway upstairs in the canteen. To win the mug all you have to do is give your name, address and details to Nestle, the Swiss food company. Have the crew lost their minds? Apparently some people don't mind Nestle building up a database about them! So sign up to a life of junk mail, targeted campaigns, hackers stealing your details and companies selling your details. Well worth it if you are in with a chance to win a mug!

The last prize was a computer mouse (in a web company that give you a new mouse if you ask for it). What's next for Kit-Kat? Win a pencil? A Kit-Kat? Maybe even a floppy disc? Woo-hoo, thanks Nestle!

Everyone drawn to window to see heavy weather
Marvelling costs company hundreds

Unexpected heavy weather was to blame for the loss of 80 hours of work as 600 crew members gazed out the windows. From the Waltzer Pod on the second floor we could see the torrential rain and snow approaching from the city centre. The freak storm lasted about eight minutes, during which time everyone looked out the window saying "Gosh," "Jainey," and "isn't that mad."

While marvelling at the novelty of the weather, others were marvelling at the amount of people looking out the windows. All this marvelling cost the company an estimated 800. A crack-down on marvelling is expected over the next few weeks as top bosses discuss the marvelling problem.


Separated at Birth

L-R: Designer Aisling, Some Floosie on O'Connell Street

Work Stats

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