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Gillo's Birthday
1: Absinthe sours the faces of normally composed Mairead and Matt. 2: Viv and Derm catch up before Viv travells to a new job in Limerick. 3: Johnny the Rash, Dangerous Dave and Noddy. 4: Ger and co. 5: John donates to Childline. 6: Joey dancing again.
Mairead, Matt
Triona, Joanne
Triona, Joanne
Triona, Joanne
Triona, Joanne
Triona, Joanne

Mairead: Texting me from a train "I'm just looking in your window, you really should get those blinds"
Gyms prepare for January paperwork as hundreds sign up, don't return
Smoking is cool - new study
"Why do you never come home anymore?" - Your ma.



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The Russ Report
Russell tells us the important news of the day, only on Waltzer.net

Russ as anchor man

Russ says:

  1. Ireland is going to the World Cup in Japan/Korea
  2. The Waltzer nearly broke even playing cards
  3. The old, old, old (original) KW crew to meet on Thurday at O'Neills on Suffolk St (sorry Waltzer, you're just a new KW blow-in!)

All Blacks Continue Domination Over Ireland

Six SmartForce lads, including the drunken scrum-orientated Cian (Killer) Hegarty and Johnny (Spudly) Owens, were on hand for the match in Lansdowne Road on Saturday. Rounding out the six North Terrace bound SMTF side was Tom (Pants) Keating, Ger (Red Baron) McCarthy, Kieran (That's the way I like 'em) Kearney, and Richie (The Child) Maher.

Normally when these lads get together, (after a fair oul' gansei-load of gargle) physical mutilation of some sort ensues. Cross-blocks and bruises in Ranelagh, scrums in St. Steven's Green and on the Vatican dance floor to name but a few only help to illuminate the mischievous misdeeds of a night out with the raucous mates. However, according to Pants Keating, on this occasion in Slattery's, The Child was nearly responsible for a brawl but it was narrowly avoided. Other sources say, "Richie's faster than Red Rum... at gettin em into him". Apparently, he mistakenly blurted out something very loudly in the middle of a well-mixed crowd. I am sorry to report that I was unable to obtain an informant who would hang Richie's colourful vernacular out to dry. "He was knocking back pints faster than the rest of us" said one source, "Nobody could shut him up!"

Needless to say, The All Blacks won 40-29.

The best result Ireland have achieved since they first played New Zealand in 1905 was a 10-all draw in 1973, thanks to a late try from Tom Grace.


Separated at Birth

Mo, Red

L-R: Programmer Mo, Red Fraggle

Work Stats

Looking at interesting figures around the office

Work Stats 147: Where did the wages go at all?


This week last year

Nessa Last KW party at Toner's. (Turned out to be second-last), Jenny leaves and interviewed, and the end of KW Wrecks Me Buzz.




 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Banking In Ireland
By Amanda Farrelly

Last week sometime:
"Shit, where's my bank card?" I search every pocket and dark place but no - not a sign.
"My card has been stolen, has all my money been taken out?" sounding all concerned as I won't even admit to some stranger that I'm simply a scatterbrain and know I have lost it again. "No Miss Farrelly, nothing has been taken out for a few days, I'll cancel this card and re-issue you another one and have it sent it out to your branch, 3 days max." This guy is my saviour, and so professional too, all I can do is let him know.
"Thanks a million." Realising that was probably too big a statement I hang up way too quickly.

2 days later:
"Has my new card arrived there yet?" I ask another operator in my north side branch.
"Card, oh hold on I'll put you onto cards…" she says as she puts me onto another operator.
"Good morning, can I help you?"
I ask about my card again.
"What's your name...hold on please"
Noooo not the hold music! - It's too early in the morning for Elton John.
"No card here I'm afraid, it seems it was cancelled but never re-ordered."
So much for my saviour!
"Can you re-order it and have it sent to the Donnybrook branch for me to collect there on Friday?" I say, taking charge now. It is done.

3 days later:
"I'm here to collect my new bank card," I tell the nice man behind the counter in Donnybrook.
As I sign my card I think this is almost too easy compared with the last few days.
"Thanks a million," I say, hoping it doesn't put a jinx on it again.

10 minutes later
"This card has not been validated, your card is being returned," reads the pass machines as it spits out my useless piece of plastic.
I march back into the bank. They don't want to know about it and tell me to contact my north side branch! Bah! What a wasted lunch break!

This afternoon at my north side branch...
"Hold on and I'll check for you... all other cards were cancelled and I have the latest one here, really sorry for all the confusion," says the very nice girl on the phone. What have I done to deserve this? It's not fair!
I decide complaining makes no difference and give up...
"Ok I'll send someone to collect it there," knowing I won't get it until next week but it'll have to do. Bah!

The sad thing is that after all this is sorted I find my old 'cancelled twice' card down my kleptomaniac sofa!!!! Now that wrecks me buzzzzzzzzz!





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