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Steve's Birthday
Eamonn finally persuades the girls to do the Corrs pose.
Mary, Meabh, Donna, Eamonn Mairead, Gillo
Isobel, Meabh Gillo, Mairead
Dee, Donal, Eamonn, Podge Waltzer. Steve
Eamonn, Donal Sliding party
Podge, Steve Mairead, Isobel, Gillo, Tri, Steve
Hazel, Dee  

Triona: When someone pushed into me
“Don't knock over the little Wall”
Canteen appeals for return of cutlery and crockery
Viv declares national “Respect Viv Day”
Handover meeting “A real disappointment” – Designer



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3rd Floor Lotto won at 750

Quid3rd Floor – The “3rd Floor Lotto” draw was won by David Boyle on Wednesday night. The prize totalled 730 in pound coins (one of which is pictured, left). Organizer Chris Fitzgerald announced the win in an all-caps e-mail on Thursday morning.

This was the first prize in the relatively new syndicate, which is becoming increasingly popular and is not strictly limited to the 3rd floor. The list of participants is getting longer and the prizes are growing.

Waltzer Lounge party #2

Invitation Steve's birthday 20.11.01
Conyngham Road – A second party was held in the styley new party venue, Waltzer Lounge. The occasion was Steve's birthday, Steve being the Waltzer's brother and flat-mate, and friend to all those beautiful girls in the photos above.

The party was a mad night of shenanigans with the venue getting away with only minor damage – cigarette burn on carpet, scorched windowsill, and top set on fire. Everyone enjoyed themselves, apparently. Steve's friends were all fun or sexy or both.

The Waltzer Lounge still hasn't had a house warmer yet, so stay tuned for details of this prestigious event.



The 12 pubs of Christmas

O'Neill'sTown – Laura is setting up a pub-crawl for Saturday to celebrate the coming of Christmas. The session is to be called “The 12 pubs of Christmas” and kicks off at 4.30 in O'Neill's.

From there they are taking it to Thing Moate, Judge Roy Beans, The Bailey/Duke (depending on whether we get ino The Bailey) Davy Byrnes, Kehoe's, McDaid's, Bruxelles, The Chatham, Sheehan's, Peter's Pub, and finishing up in The Hairy Lemon.

Word has been spreading about the session and a lot of ex-KW and present House crew are taking part. There is no registration, just show up on the day with your drinking stomach ready, and join us as we paint the town orange.

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Work Stats
Looking at interesting figures around the office.

Work Stats 148: Useless crap on your desk



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