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12 Pubs weekend
Oldschool! Viv, Phil, Al and Mandy in Peter's.
Viv, Mao Billy
Phil, Billy Limo
Waltzer, Mandy Steve, Mairead, Mags, Waltzer
Laura, Waltzer Gillian, John
Viv, Phil, Al, Mandy Mairead

Amanda: “What did George Harrison die of?”
Waltzer: “He died of a Thursday, har har har!”
Joanne: “Yeah, Thursday always kills me too.”
Starters actually just salad
Chewing gum found under table
“Ruff in the jungle, in the jungle, in the jungle. Ruff!” - The Prodigy



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The Waltzer Experience is a Tuesday weekly underground culture magazine for the Clonskeagh office. Waltzer welcomes submissions to waltzer@waltzer.net.
Alan Wall is a graphic designer who's interested in photography, web design, Dublin culture and writing.

 Main News

Jody breaks world fastest breakfast record

Jody with breakfast
Jody has become the world champion breakfast eater, consuming an entire breakfast in just 40 seconds. The breakfast, which was lovingly created by Sodexho, consisted of a fry of two sausages, three rashers, two eggs and black pudding, and also a scone with jam and butter and a cup of tea.

Jody has been seen practicing his breakfast eating skills in the canteen in recent months. Jody said of the achievement "I feel fine, but jeez, I could do with a bottle of Coke to was that down."

Jody recently gave up drinking for the month to prepare his stomach for the big day, which happened on Monday of this week. Guinness were there to film him for 5hit television show, Guinness World Records.

Tony O'Brien, Jody's Limerick-based coach was pleased with the outcome. "I'll get a free "Guinness Book of Records" every year now, this is mighty."


 In Brief

Waltzer's Notebook

This week sees the Christmas party in Jurys. Very original! They should call that place Dreary's! Already crew are wondering whether or not to bring their own drink, the chances of getting one at the bar will be slim if last year's performance is anything to go by...

Also this week is the fourth game of poker in Richard's, which is seeing my money and Gillo's money rapidly line the pockets of Russ and Richard.

News of a new time-keeping clampdown is circulating. The new controls are to take place in the new year. Offenders suspect tea and breakfast breaks are next. In fairness, it's so much better when everyone is in for 9.30. I mean how annoying it would be to wait a half hour for my important meeting. Ok, so everyone has to get up an hour or more earlier, get into heavy traffic, or walk the legs off themselves getting in for the 9.30 deadline. But if it means I can talk to my writer a half hour earlier then it's worth it, don't you think?

Dan, Judi
The weekend before last I was entertaining guests from London, Judi and Dan. I showed them all the culture of Dublin: Judge Roy Beans, Eddie Rocket's, a go on a Rickshaw, Stephen's green and the Guinness sky bar, Gravity.

Interestingly I will be in Naaavan on Saturday with Gillo, Tessa and some Naaavan girls doing some horse riding, drinking, and getting refused from Solar. Should be a good laugh, I'll take pictures for your amusement.

And you better be happy with this week's rush job. I could have gone to the Jason Byrne show on Monday night but I had to do this site!

Last year's site

Hangover Sundays, dreaming about water, why people leave (and stay) in their jobs, and other interesting stuff. Probably.





Twelve pubs of Christmas
Town - Ex-KW'er Laura organised a festive pub crawl around the bars of Dublin's fashionable Grafton Street area. Waltzer was there in full effect, documenting the experience so you can re-live the event from the comfort of your office:

After arriving to O'Neill's a bit later than the 4.30 planned rendezvous time, I bumped into Martin. Mandy soon followed, then Phil, Siobhan, and eventually Laura. Laura was off to meet some others that had already gone on to Thing Mote, but we weren't ready to move just yet. So after a quick one in O'Neill's Phil and his mates and I ran off to Thing Mote, only to get the news that they had already gone to Judge Roy Beans. So we went straight there, skipping Thing Mote.

By the time I was served in JRB's, Amanda, Laura, Rachel and friends were already heading out to the next pub, The Bailey. We stayed for a wonderful rendition of "Bow wow wow, yippy yo, yippy yay" but an annoyingly loud American guy who was plastered at 5.30. Phil, Martin and I went to the Duke soon with some of their friends, not really knowing if we were avoiding or jumping ahead of the Bailey. Joey Rainbow showed up at this point had a quick one before we all left.

Skipping Davy Byrne's, we went straight to Kehoe's, a mad place that looks like a student gaff, paint falling off the walls, soggy beer stained carpet and loads of exposed wiring and pipes. Well refreshing! Viv showed up at this stage and we bailed into McDaid's. Al Currie arrived soon. We got a nice place in McDaid's and some of the girls never made it any further. Bruxelles was next but we skipped that to catch up with Laura's hardcore crew. After a brief search for the Chatham (which turned out to be Neary's), we found Sheehan's. Another one I wasn't in before, was quite nice. Joey got lost and I had to rescue her off the street.

Most people were in Sheehan's but we didn't stay long. Viv, Al and I ran on to Peter's where practically everyone had congregated. Notable exceptions were Siobhan and Rachel who, after a heavy one in O'Shea's the night before, couldn't keep it up long enough. In Peter's I met a guy from college that always hated me for being that little better than him in most subjects. He was working behind the bar. I tried to make some peace with the guy (he was always dissing me in college despite my obvious indifference to his petty competition). Unfortunately for him, he preferred to throw my pint at me and snort at my condolences on George Harrison's death (I knew he was a big Beatles fan, even before the revolution).

Only one pub remained, the Hairy Lemon, which I had never heard of and wouldn't be able to tell you where it is or whether it had bouncers, but that's another story. I had made it! Disregarding the fact that I skipped four pubs, I triumphantly texted some of my friends announcing that I was in the Hairy Lemon after surviving the twelve pubs of Christmas!




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