Where everybody knows your name. Week 15 | April 2000

Some of The Knowledge designers. Cute. L-R: Top Row: Mo, Mark, Viv, Siobhan, Martin, Amanda.
Bottom Row: Glen, Sally, Sheherazade, Sarah, Waltzer, Phil.

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-You're late. I've been standing here on me tobler.

“If anyone touches the last tequila, I'll cut their bollox off and sell it to the highest bidder.”


I got 2 Doras Sham: ROCKS!


-Last Day In Blackrock

Oh what fray lies here? Sadly we lamented the departure from our lives of that cool town, Blackrock. Now we all work in the Skeagh. Your head'd be melted! God love us. The Knowledge is no more.

On Friday night a bunch of us decended on the Avoca Bar on Carysfort Avenue to wish farewell to this special time of our lives. I came up from Navan especially, Dermot Rogers was there, Graham Caswell came too, as did Breffini. And Mo, Mark, Mandy, Joanne and Richard came over from the Skeagh. With all the effort put in by some people, I was very dissapionted that some of my favourite faces were not there. Will I name names? Hmmm... Ok: Viv, Phil, Sally, Siobhan, Sarah, Pam, Clodagh and Mary Kate. Where were you? What excuse could make up for this lack of representation on such an important night? Shame on yiz!

-You're tuned to waltzer.net

I have put everything on waltzer.net. Please change your bookmarks. If you have any problems with broken links or images not coming up, please email me, waltzer@excite.com. Cheers. Enjoy!

-Sega Announces DreamCast Internet Access.

When is it going to stop? In my day there was Netscape Navigator. Then came Internet Explorer, which is probably what you are using now. Now a poor web designer has to design for those two browsers on both the PC and Mac. And also for palmtops, mobile phone browsers, WebTV and Opera. But now here comes the Sega Dreamcast and the Playstation 2 offering internet access, which means even more platrofms to design for. This highlights the need for standards on the web. New tags come out with every release of a browser, and now with so many browsers/platforms it is imprative that the code be universally accepted by all platforms.

[featured site]

With Ali-W!*


Recognize! One of me girls, Fiona, has brought dis wikkid site to my attention. It is called Napster and it is where you can download da software that you need to search for MP3s even better. The selling line is dis:

"Napster is a completely new way of thinking about music online. Imagine...an application that takes the hassle out of searching for MP3s. No more broken links, no more slow downloads, and no more busy, disorganized FTP sites. With Napster, you can locate and download your favorite music in MP3 format from one convenient, easy-to-use interface.

Me thinks it is very useful, no? So when I has the software installed, me was able to type in Moby and download "Go". Wikkid, innit! Bo!

[that wrecks me buzz]


What did we do to deserve the Vengaboys? They really are the band you love to hate!

Summer 1998, I am in Lanzorote dancing to some average tune. Next thing, "Up And Down" came on. I thought It was a wicked track. And it was. But God love those talented Vengaboys. Since then, they've churned out more cheese than all of Holland. One after another they released tacky Euro-Pop records aimed at the new spending empowered 10-15 year olds. From "The VengaBus" to "Sha La La La La" you just cringe at each catchy note. They make a mockery of the commercial charts. They make Shania Twain sound good. They are to an average music fan what Abba are to a grunger: Unbearable.

How do you know if you're in a country house? The DJ plays the Vnegaboys. Three times. And it fills the floor each time! You can't even try to forget that the Vengaboys were played because it's going to happen again.

Where is it all going to end? How many records do we have to suffer before this most annoying of "bands" just give it up. If I met the Vengaboys, I would say "Would you knock that off, lads. Do us all a favour." But that isn't going to happen, because if I heard the Vengaboys were in the public house or hotel I was in, I would make sure not to talk to them. Just like my Dad did when Gerry Ryan sat next to him in the Gresham.

"I only kiss when the sun don't shine". I wish she'd stop singing when the sun don't shine. Then we'd all be better off. There's nothing worse.

Now that wrecks me buzz.

*Conversation may not have happened.