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Christmas Party Special: Bangtastic!

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Christmas party night.
Strechy: Ciara pulls Santy's hat.
Jury's Waltzer, Ash
Russ Ciara, Sue
Food face Tommy The Gun
John, Mick, Russ, Ger Rachel, Santy Waltzer
Ciara Santy Waltzer, Triona
  John Daly, John Bradley John, Nessa Mandy, Russ Siobhan
John Grant Ger, Mandy

Amanda: “John, what's Jack's name?”
Bag of popcorn dropped from 4th floor through stairwell to basement.
“I am the Walrus” changed to suit designer's nick name.
Plastic three-piece nativity set still on Moose's desk.



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Alan Wall is a graphic designer who's interested in photography, web design, Dublin culture and writing.

 Main News

Excellent Christmas Party

PartyBallsbridge - Fair play to the Annette and the crew. The Christmas party was a most enjoyable affair providing many photo opportunities and quotes for this site. It was enjoyed by everyone there too, by the sound of it. See In Brief and Culture for more details, right.

Liam pictured in photography project

LiamBoardroom - It transpired on Thursday that Sue included an image from the Waltzer Experience in one of our products, Digital Photography. The image in question appears on week 135 of Waltzer.net and depicts Liam Power in O'Shea's.

Sue had asked me to send her some red-eye pictures for a project she was working on. When questioned about her choice of photograph, she said she had to use this particular one as it had the least amount of pint glasses in view!

Christmas Special approaches

Next week there's a treat in store: The Waltzer Experience Christmas Special will have features such as best quotes of the year, a year in photographs, a special Wage Slave, and writing from some of the most controversial characters in the house on what particularly interested them on the Waltzer Experience this year. Don't miss it!

Also next week: Pictures of the Social Club party in the Turk's Head on Thursday.

Last year's site

SheherazadeReligious Christmas, interesting slant on commercialism vs religion at Christmas. Also Siobhan returns to the house and pictures of Sheharazade's dinner before going home to the Stated for Christmas.

 In Brief

Waltzer's Notebook

You may have seen The Waltzer spinning around with a notebook. Wondering what was in it? The following is taken straight from that notebook.

Gillo: Ah she's a lovely girl but I wouldn't be glued to her.

Des: Are yiz all drunk?
John Nolan: Keep taking notes, Waltzer.
Joey: Des! (Starts clapping)

Russ: Fair play to ya. Looking good.

Waltzer: Food tasty, bar easy.

Waltzer: Dressing as Santy is very liberating; it's nearly like being a transvestite.

Cian: The women are dressed up like hoors in a brothel.

Emma: One vodka, two dry Martinis, a squint of gin.

1.33 Fiona robs bottle of wine. (White)

Russ: She's got an infatuation for someone but he's married so you write down "She was nearly in there if only he wasn't married."

Cian: Officer, I never touched her.

Ger: A great effort for one person for the benefit of many.

Tom: Sure t'was grand crack had by all.

Sandy: I told Greg that I saw him in the burger bar in San Fran.

Phil: Waltzer, you're the best designer in the world.

Charley: Don't call me Charles, it's Carlos Lawles Clarke.

Waltzer: What did you think of the night?

Paul Little: Boss!

Aisling: Much better than last year.

John Nolan: Different. Great music.

Phil Murray: It's like fuckin' Sligo. Fuckin' bus four. I'm not a number, I'm a free man.

Jack: The band kicked ass for a change. About fuckin' time.

Paul Ward: Verging on the superfluous.

Ed Boyle: I think it's 33.

Dave Manzor: Better than last year.

Emma: Fantastic.

Mohammad: Good. I like the beard of Santa.

Shandy loves Carlos!





Christmas party "Bangtastic"

Ballsbridge - A bangtastic time was has by all who attended the company Christmas party in Jury's last week. The party didn't suffer from problems such as the "ridiculously overcrowded and understaffed bar" as did last year's bash. After my dramatic entrance with Santy hat and beard, I found myself sitting with an unlikely crowd - mostly sims including Joey Rainbow, Ollie, Johnny Balloons and Big Des. The food was a bit slow to materialise but was very tasty. The lemon sorbet threw some of us off, mind you.

There was an old woman working as a waitress who looked like she was on her way out. Poor aul' divil, they probably wouldn't let her retire. They probably have whips in the kitchen to make them work harder. Having said that though, she was a decent aul' one and I had a bit of a laugh with her when she tried to take my plate before I'd finished.

When the dinner was finished we weren't subjected to any boring speeches like last year. Bonus! The floor was cleared and the music started. I was chatting to some of the Project Managers when I noticed two girls were about to go dancing. I legged it out onto the floor in front of them just so I could say that I was first on the dance floor. I could see some of the bosses laughing at this weirdo dressed as Santy wielding notebook and camera, bopping away with the company girls. Despite the fact that I was roasting under the hat and beard, I managed to kick it up for quite a while when Johnny Owens and Nessa joined me on the floor.

But you can dance in the Pod, so I went about chatting to a few of the crew who had taken to standing out at the still efficient bar. My camera battery was running out after taking so many pictures and it ended as I was taking a posed picture of bosses Kevin S. and Fran from America. Some photographer I am!

Ciara was the funniest with a healthy amount of drink consumed, as the pictures show. She distributed a blind apology the next day for any wrongdoing she may have been up to but "can't remember a thing." Luckily my pictures helped piece the night back together.

Outside I was extremely lucky to get a taxi after the traditional bus missing ritual and was home with no worry about the next day as I had it off. Rapid tunes!

So overall: Party: 90% I'm docking 10% because there wasn't as many there as there could have been and the food was slightly slow. But that's nothing compared to the great fun and shenanigans that were had at Christmas 2001. Bangtastic!



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