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Design Department night out.
Siobhan and Rachel rip the clothes off Steve.

Photographed this week: Ciara, Barry, Caroline, Isobel, Matt, Sue, Rachel, Simone, Emma, Moose, Siobhan, Steve, (Stephen), Glenn, Paul, Martin, Conor.

Ciara Rachel, Simone, Moose, Siobhan, Emma, Steve, Glenn
Lucky Srtikes Donal, Paul, Martin
Barry with Chicken Steve, Siobhan
Caroline's hands Steve, Siobhan
Isobel, Ciara, Matt and Sue Barry, Conor, Kevin


Des McGouran (On cola bottle sweets): It's like having another fizzy tongue in your mouth.

Flash does the hard work, so you don't have to
Still no hand towels
Everyone wearing their Christmas jumpers



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 Main News

KW Reunion Friday 25th

The Duke - Preparations are underway for another KW get-together to take place on Friday night. It has been eight months since Waltzer organised the last KW party in The Duke, and over a year since the one in Toner's. In what may well turn out to be an annual event, the KW get-togethers have been great so far and everyone likes to see people they haven't seen for ages.

This year the party is being organised by Alan Currie and Aoife Carr. Everyone from KW who still lives in Ireland has been invited I believe, but if you haven't then feel free to come along and see all your old buddies again. As usual, I'll be photographing and reporting from the event the following week exclusively on this site.


Design night out, Tzar Ivan

Town - In an unusual spectacle of debauchery and decadence, the design department showed the staff of Tzar Ivan what can happen when you feed your hungry guests strawberry and raspberry shots for almost two hours before feeding them. Yes, there was standing on chairs, there was stripping off, there were songs sung, and there were more than a few people in work the following day still well intoxicated.

The pictures tell their own story. But did we have a good time? Yes. In fact, I have heard that it was the best one ever. A lot different to the time we were in Belgos and the KWers stayed away from the IT crew. Thanks to numerous drunken nights, the crew are well integrated, as the picture of Siobhan standing on a stool with Steve shows.

Seperated at Birth

Nessa, James King
L-R: Veruca Salt, Mairead Keane

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Competition still open

MorganThe competition to guess who was who in week 151, the last waltzer.net of last year was won by Clare McDonough.

The answer was as follows: A staff member, Joe Harney, Triona, Triona, Domhnaill, Isobel, Dave Mullen, Michelle Timmons, Sinead, Waltzer, Ivan, Johnny Owens, Clare, Joleen, Des Marron, Liam, Michelle Timmons, Brian, Joleen, Ivan.

Clare received her prize of 12.70 on Friday after guessing 15 out of the 20. Consolation prize of 1c went to Ivan Jennings, who only got three correct. He even got one of his own appearances wrong!

Keep coming back to Waltzer.net for more fabulous prizes this year. Sponsors are welcome too!


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