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KW Reunion 0003.
Al hides behind a box of chocolates.

Photographed this week: Triona, Ger, Nicola, Amanda, Joanne, Nessa, Joey, Isobel, Bill, Conor, Fiona, Alan Currie and Aoife.

Tri, Ger Ger, Conor, Dylan
Nikki, Mandy, Joanne Fiona
Nessa Alan
Joey, Isobel Aoife
Ger, Bill Alan


Des in response to Waltzer's "I forgot my filofax": No end to the madness.

Restaurants and pubs empty all last week until payday
Bus with Vanilla Sky ad passing by every five minutes won't make me watch the movie

3rd Floor Lotto form gets styley re-design.



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100th Waltzer.net

This is a special week for Waltzer.net: The 100th episode. For two years now Waltzer has been bringing you a culture website of varying quality. From the Featured Websites to That Wrecks Me Buzz, the Conference Specials, Christmas Specials and people leaving to the guest writers, the amazing photographs and the spoof articles, we have been through a lot together.

As you know, all the old stuff is archived and always available. And with new stuff coming online all the time, you can be sure that we still have a long way to go with Waltzer.net.


KW Reunion #0003

The Duke - Friday night was another chance to catch up with the old school crews. If you were KW and you didn't come, shame on you! It was a good night, we had a section of the Duke reserved. (You should have seen the trouble it was to stop people sitting in it, the Duke is a busy pub).

There was this one guy that we didn't know who started hanging around with Al Currie and meself. He wasn't very sociable and got a bit cranky when one of the girls took his seat. There wasn't much we could do other than ignoring him. Poor auld divil. He sat alone most of the night. Before that he was telling me who was the best-looking girl in the house and asking me what a knacker was.

But other than that it was a good one. There was a surprising amount of non-KW there, which was welcomed. The IT house crew (I hate these silly terms) hung back a bit, knowing that we were all chatting. Isobel said to Mandy "I don't know half of these people" and Mandy replied, "Either do I!" There were a lot of old, old school crew there, including Aoife, Conor O'Kane, Lee, Noreen and some others.



A look at the figures around the office.




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