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Waltzer Lounge 0004.
Al hides behind a box of chocolates.

Photographed this week: Mandy (Amanda), Brian, Waltzer, Gillo (Matt), Viv, John (Owens), Joey (Joleen), John (Grant), John (McClean), Tessa.

DJ Mandy John
Brian, Waltzer John, Tri, John
Gillo Viv, Waltzer playing pool
Gillo, Viv, John, Joey Gillo, Tessa


Triona on Quote of the week: I'll give you one by the end of the day.

Web designers calling themselves graphic designers again
Television still not worth watching
Someone tell 3rd Floor Lotto's Chris to STOP USING CAPITAL LETTERS, IT'S SO ANNOYING!



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Mexican party: Waltzer Lounge official event 0004

Friday night I had a small crew over for some Mexican food, tequila, some Absinthe, lots of music and some games of pool. I'm sorry if you weren't invited but I had to restrict it to my closest friends as the place is so small.

The party only got started at about 11 due to everyone being in different pubs. Mandy had cooked up some delicious Mexican food, dips, chilli, lots of jalapenos while I made Tequila Sunrises and tequila shots.

Viv was doing Scarface impressions, Johnny Grant was chatting up Isobel's friend Fionuala, Brian was trying to make the most of not having brought any drink, and the Johns and Ritchie were forcing each other to lie on their backs and pour drink into their mouths.

It was a good party but after a heavy one on Wednesday night I wasn't up for drinking too much.

By 5am there was no sign of the drink coming to an end, and everyone was still wide-awake. The Johns and Ritchie were spilling drink all over the sofa, Mandy was asking me to show her how to mix at the end of every song and now there was puke on the balcony. I had had enough. So I just turned on the lights and said "Fuck off." Surprised, everyone got up and left. Well at least it was easy to clean up the next morning!




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