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Social Club wine tasting night

On the way into town for more wine “tasting.”


Wine Dogs - a crazy night of ... shenanigans.
Dublin Castle by night
Lanterns on Dame Lane
New Zealand wine booklet and Mexican food menu
Mairead and Tri
Freaky clown


Noddy ordering a drink in The Royal Oak: “A large one off the shelf”

Paper stacked on 4th floor despite lack of copier
Uncle Pat in Cork wants to know why you're telling him you took a template from the library
That embolded copyright notice will make them think twice



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Alan Wall is a graphic designer who's interested in photography, web design, Dublin culture and writing.

 Main News

The Phoney down

PhoneyThe Phoney, a satirical website about the office politics of a Dublin telecoms company has been taken down. The site, which was exposed as a rip off of Waltzer.net last week, apologised politely for ripping off the Waltzer and offered to buy our team a pint as a friendly gesture. We will take them up on the offer, and will bring all the photographers, writers, graphic designers, technicians and coders out on the night. We are all looking forward to it!

Perhaps if someone from the Phoney would drop me an email for an informal chat and perhaps do some writing for us I'd be chuffed, no hard feelings and all that.

Next week

Gillo writes exclusively about his time in Amsterdam, images and text.

This week last year

NessaLast year we were all boppin' away at the Break for the Border party, remember?

 In Brief

Things that make you go EUCK!

Starting in Discussions, things that make you cringe: Nails on a blackboard, squashing cotton wool, biting wet towels… Spin over to Discussions to add your pet hates and read what others have written. Don't be shy, now! Mine? Towel drying wet wood (of all things!).

Discussions is always online, and everyone is welcome to start an new discussion thread at any time, so keep an eye on it from time to time. Sorry about all the ads on it, I'll try to get a better service soon.

The Royal Oak

On Friday night I went up to The Royal Oak, the pub Isobel has been raving about for months. That was where her brother, Noddy, came out with this week's quote. Poor John had to go downstairs to the cellar to get him the Guinness! A nice quiet place if you are in the Kilmainham area and don't want any pretentious crap going on. This place could be right out of the 70s man.


Wine Tasting

Waltzer was a bold boy on Tuesday. First we all arrived underdressed for the wine tasting "competition" as I grew to calling it. It took place in the impressive Dublin Castle, where there were lots of snotty attitudes to our geansai and jeans ensemble. Never mind, we had a few shots of wine to taste, and a few more, until all the wine was gone and we headed into town for some food.

En-route to Acapulco, we popped into what looked like a China Town, in Dame Lane, the Chinese community were celebrating their new year. It was amazing, with dancing dragons, colourful lanterns and happy faces all round.

In the restaurant I ordered a bottle of wine, spent ages trying it and agreed that it would be suitable for my friends and me. Well my friends and I never had a drop because I spilled most of it on leaving the table (all over Tri!) and then I knocked over a glass of it too. And the funniest was me trying to squeeze a lime onto my dinner, it slipped off the fork and flew across the restaurant! I was mortified, but the girls thought it was the funniest thing ever.




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