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Sim department night out.

The Porter House rocks for delicious babies and tasty beer.
Porterhouse beer and girlies
Some guy that looks like Ger
Late late late, Consulate pack
Tessa and Gillo
Gillo in Amsterdam


Triona in the canteen after lunch: “I can't bring up the tray, I might lose it.”

Canteen girl has everyone using exact change everywhere
Department nights a great way to become aquainted with work mates, make fool of self
Scanner not used since digital camera purchase



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 Main News

The Manzor Experience

Dave Manzor, our old friend from R&D, treated myself and Des Marron to a most humorous spectacle last week. Dave was running for the bus and the driver opened the doors as the bus was moving. Once Dave's foot was on the platform, he fell straight down, causing much laughter among the several commuters all looking at him. Dave got up, laughed with the driver, paid his fair and turned down the aisle to see me and Des laughing at him.

Dave said he was happy that he knew someone on the bus so he didn't have to sit on his own after such an episode, but was worried that Waltzer was a witness, as it might appear on Waltzer.net. I assured Dave that I wouldn't do that to him, but I'm sure he has been keeping an eye on this site ever since to see if I was joshing him or not.

More about Dave:
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 In Brief

Seperated at Birth

L-R: Deirdre Coranoation Street, Tom Keating


I am im the process of redesiging this site once more. My aims for the redesign are to make the site more stylish while making it more user friendly.

A lot of people don't know that you can subscribe to get a reminder of the site every week, or that you can search the site quite effectively to find what you are looking for? Or did you know that the week number refers to the week of the year rather than the amount of episodes? Or that there is a discussions forum? Also a lot of people say they find it hard to find things in the archives.

Well I am about to sort all those problems out. And with your help I'll sort out other problems I don't know of. So send them on to me! waltzer@waltzer.net


Gillo Does Amsterdam

Finally young Wall has given me the go-ahead to critique his much praised/lambasted site! Oh, all right, Waltzer, I'll reveal my true raison de l'écriture. I am here to review that most liberal of cities - Amsterdam, the home of clogs, tulips, canals, legal narcotics, red tinted brassers and last, but in many Irish eyes, not least, Heineken.

Yes, Amsterdam is a place where everyone should visit at least once, you will be glad you went (whatever your intention) and you'll be even gladder if you remember it all. Myself and the beautiful Tessa left 'de city of Dublin' early on Thursday morning, boarded our Aer Lingus flight and arrived in the 'Dam about an hour after (not a bad start considering it used to take me longer to get from Swords to Clonskeagh !). If your flying to Schnipol, traveling should be as smooth as the Heini you'll be downing in 20mins time, - in the airport, you can buy tickets for and catch a train to 'Centraal Station' (right in heart of the 'Dam).

Once there, you will walk out of the beautiful Station straight in to the hustle and bustle of a busy European city. A word of caution, have your wits about you, the streets are full of cyclists, trams, pedestrians (all of which seem to be taking their own route). Be careful not to be caught in no-mans lands, that area where your stuck between on coming trams and bell-happy Amsterdamsters on their standard cow-horned 1970's bicycles as you watch your loved one disappear behind a taxi.

Now it's time to chill a bit, if you can, dump your bags and head somewhere for a traditional beer. You won't see too many taps in the pubs, so just order a beer and u will served fine example of the way a beer should be, either a Heini or the other local- Oranjiboom, poured to perfection with a lovely creamy head and in a traditional tankard pint glass. Maybe it was the feeling of being away, but the first beer just lifts your spirits and everything is rosy. We chose to start in that most famous of smoke bars, the Grasshopper. It's on three levels, all heavily scented with that unmistakable aroma that gives the 'Dam its reputation.

A few things you should do are:

Hop on a canal boat, it's very touristy but its worth it for relaxing and interesting view of the many interlinking canals, and the very Dutch gabled ended houses.

Visit a museum, if you're into impressionist art, the Van Gogh museum is about 10 minutes taxi from Dam Square, and at the moment has a exhibition of Gaugain and Van Gogh side by side and you can listen to audio through earphones handed out.

Relax in a few coffee shops, you don't need to be inhaling to enjoy the atmosphere, most serve beer and they are such a renowned part of the city that you'll walk by and want to see what they're like.

Walk around the red-light district, its not really what I was expecting, yes there is the red-fringed windows and sex shops but its not as sleazy as it sounds.

All in all, Amsterdam is definitely a great weekend break destination, easy to get around, lots to keep the eye entertained, the people are very friendly and all speak English, the beer goes down easy (but stay away from the red vodka, airs your insides if you know what I mean!). The city has its own distinct Dutch feel with its narrow streets and houses all surrounded by a labyrinth network of canals, it has that air of a city at ease with itself, it's picturesque and steeped in history yet very modern and progressive. Go forth and liberate yourself, whatever way you choose!


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