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Ages ago at Waltzer's old gaff, Ranelagh.

Joey and Mairead comfort the drunken Isobel.


Triona in the canteen after lunch: “I can't bring up the tray, I might lose it.”


Girl disappointed Kinder bars are only superimposed
God preparing rain for Patrick's day
Everyone in pub glad bouncers are stopping people with runners and people who disagree with bouncers



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Alan Wall is a graphic designer who's interested in photography, web design, Dublin culture and writing.

 Main News

Jody's Play approaches

The nerves are running high for one of our resident actors, Jody, as he prepares to perform this week in By The Bog Of Cats. The play, which is being staged by Dalkey Players, starts today, Tuesday, in Dalkey Town Hall.

One house contingent, myself included, is going out to see it Wednesday, and the play will be reviewed here next week. The play runs until Saturday, March 9th and tickets are available for a tenner from Gemma's Newsagents in Dalkey, Jody himself or the booking line 2824796. See last week's site for an interview with Jody about this play.




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 In Brief

Video coming to Waltzer.net

The above flash movie is a taste of what's to come on Waltzer.net. Using flash to stream movies that have been broken up into vectors, we can preserve bandwidth while giving you a taste of the action. This combined with the usual images should add some extra amusement to the site.

Next week

Jody's play reviewed, Shelbourne Park dog racing images and text. Maybe video!

 That Wrecks Me Buzz

Deleting my pictures!

Oh man, I don't believe it. I just hit DELETE instead of DOWNLOAD when I was getting this week's images off my camera. That's all it takes to make a night of taking pictures completely void. Not that there were many great ones, but I was looking forward to selecting the best nine or so from about 70 images taken outside O'Sheas and in the Porter House. It was Brian's last night. There was a nice one of Mandy and Johnny Jazz Nolan where Mandy looked all upset with her pint and Johnny was just looking at the camera plainly like a Swedish model. That was going to be my front cover.

But it's all in vain now because quick as a flash the whole lot got erased. How bad. And after I hadn't much last week I was hoping to have some nice ones up this week to compensate.

Next week I'll be extra careful to press the right button (duh!) and take some very tasty snaps.

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