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Liz's leaving / Shelbourne Park

Liz in O'Sheas before a long night.
Louise O'Connell Bridge
Irene Brian, Christine, Virginie, Mohamed
Team 3 Liz
Waitress Grafton Street
Aul' lads  


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Designer wounded by falling nameplate
Suckers who came into work before conference dissapointed at lack of breakfast
Availability of digital cameras jeopardise Waltzer's position as main reporter



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 Main News

Jody's Play reviewed

By the bog of Cats by Marina Carr, was performed by Dalkey Players last week, and our man Jody took one of the lead parts. He played Carthage Kilbride, the ex-boyfriend of Hester Swane, the demented mother of his daughter. Carthage is about to marry his fiancé Caroline Cassidy so he can have her father's land. Throw in a mysterious Catwoman, some ghosts, a hilarious wedding shambles, a sinister history and a dark prophecy, and you have the makings of a very enjoyable play. All the more enjoyable watching Jody serve up quite a convincing performance. And respect has to go to the 10 year old actress, SallyAnne Tingle for an outstanding performance as Carthage's daughter Jose Swane.




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 In Brief

Liz leaves, also Sarah Mordan

One of our beloved receptionists has left us after four and a half years. A big crowd turned out in O'Sheas to wish her well, which went on into town and God knows where after that!

Also leaving last week was writer Sarah Mordan. Sarah is off to travel the world and warned us that she might be back to us in a year.

Martin Byrne wins €1400 in the third floor lotto

The Third Floor Lotto broke it's biggest prize record last Wednesday with a jackpot of €1400 going to Martin Byrne. Martin said he was delighted to win it, and told me that he was gong to spend it all on sweets.

The Third Floor Lotto, run by Chris Fitzgerald, has become popular of late, as the jackpot soared, climbing around €200 each draw.


Dog Racing!

If playing the Lotto is the height of your gambling, a night at Shelbourne Park can be an eye opening experience. I was betting one euro, then two, then five. I lost everything! So I started putting more money on to make that big payback I could retire on. It didn't happen! Funny how one evening can show you that downhill struggle you carve out for yourself as an addicted gambler. I think I'll stick to the Third Floor Lotto from now on.

It was quite a good night, meeting people I didn't know already like Sarah, chatting to people I had met previously like Jenny, and taking pictures of people who haven't had their fair share of exposure on Waltzer.net, like Niamh, Sandy and Karen.

After the champagne came out to help us clear our bill, we headed off to Slattery's where we met these auld lads. They were great aul' crack and were happy enough to chat to us and pose for a picture. One of them took the url to check it out on the site!

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