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Easter Weekend

Brian and visiting pal, Dave.
Richard Brian
Waltzer Waltzer, Dave, Brian
Waltzer, Isobel Joey
Dave, Brian Moulin Rouge
Dave, Brian, Neil Joey
Waltzer, Tri Joey, Isobel


Dave: “You would never think that being beardless would give you that warm fuzzy feeling!”
Dave Smyth on the recent shaving of his beard for charity

Creme eggs
Death of Jesus celebrated by eating chocolate eggs
Let us reflect on this religious day by drinking at house parties instead of pubs
Four-day weekend wasted on TV, drink



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 Main News

Summer's here!

From people sitting outside O'Sheas to lunch in the park, there is no doubt that the summer is well on the way. And how welcome it is! Roll on trips around the country, lying out on the grass and beautiful girls coming out out the woodwork.

Yes it's that time of year again: You'll suddenly remember that wasps exist, not to mention midgets (as they are affectionately know here in Ireland!). Make the most of it by photographing stuff! Not only will you get the satisfaction of creating art that's better than nearly everything in the Irish Museum of Modern Art, but you'll have all the memories to look back on in a few years time. Deadly!

 In Brief

Super Styley Awards rollin'

Our awards have started with the theme for this month being "American Beauty," which calls to mind Brittney, teenage movies and porn... Let's see what our participants will come up with at the end of the month. Keep up to date with the competition at superstyley.com and take part next month. It's only a tenner to enter and you win all the entry fees if your creation is judged best.


Paris in the Spring
by Isobel deMangeat

In a fit of mad spontaneity Joey Rainbow and I decided to head off to Paris for the weekend. So we got ourselves some Ryanair flights, found us a hotel on eurocheapo.com and headed for Paris in true wanderlust style. The hotel was a bit of a kip to say the least, but it had loads of French character and was in the lively area of Montmartre just 'round the corner from the Moulin Rouge. I'm sure in it's heyday it was a rent-by-the-hour sort of a place.

As we were only there for the weekend we tried to fit in as much as possible. The best way to see Paris is to walk around on a sunny day with a real Parisian so we met with my cousin for lunch and did exactly that. The sun was shining and everything looked great. We took in the sights about the Seine, tried to avoid being maimed by the rollerbladers, had an overpriced beer in a cool café overlooking Notre Dame and headed back to Montmartre for evenings entertainment.

The square in Montmartre was full of little creperies and eateries, there was a great buzz about the place. We decided not to eat there because it was mostly tourists and artists trying to sell their creations to the tourists. We ate in a really nice restaurant away from the tourist streets and then went on to a bar and a jazz club. We spent Sunday recovering in the gardens by the Louvre.

Paris is a great place to go to for a weekend, it's so easy to get around on the Metro, a station is never more than 5 minutes walk away so you can never get lost. The myth of the rude unfriendly Parisian is just a myth, we found everybody really friendly and helpful. Service isn't great but they don't expect a tip either. Beer is really expensive, up to €16 for a pint so you're better off to stick with the wine which is pretty cheap and ten times better than most of the plonk you get over here. I definitely recommend Paris for a weekend break.

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